Liar Liar   6/21/21
by Thief
This exchange between 5-year-old Max (Justin Cooper) and his teacher is what opens 1997's Liar Liar; which is a hilariously ironic coincidence, not only for what actually happens on the film, but also for the typical stereotypes that are attributed to lawyers which might make most people go "yeah, i...

Summer Camp   6/20/21
by Thief
A horror film A film with the word "Summer" in its title

Red Dot   6/18/21
by Thief
The laser dot from a rifle scope is what gives title to the film, as that's the first signal we have of the presence of an "enemy" watching them as they camp.

DeepStar Six   6/15/21
by Thief
A film with the number 6 (Six, Sixth, etc.) in its title A horror film

Quicksand   6/09/21
by Thief
The film is very small scale in terms of goals and stakes, but that works to its advantage.

The Prowler   6/08/21
by Thief
So even though the film suffers from many of the issues of the slasher subgenre, those traits manage to kinda separate the film from the bunch a bit, but not by far.

Woman in the Dunes   6/06/21
by Thief
Having just finished this film a couple of hours ago, I certainly have a dozen thoughts in my head about both its raw story as well as all its symbolisms, and it certainly seems like a film that will stick in my mind for a long time.

Blue Miracle   5/31/21
by Thief
Like I said, the film's story is nothing special, but it was chosen by my kids yesterday morning, so maybe that's why I warmed up to it more than someone else would; and, even though their interest came and went, they pushed through, and I hope they took something out of it; to do what is right ever...

Why Me?   5/31/21
by Thief
A film from Romania:

Brazil   5/31/21
by Thief
"Aquarela do Brasil", the song that inspired the title of this film, was written by Ary Barroso in 1939 on a night when he was unable to leave the house because of a heavy storm.

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