Evan Rachel Woods appreciation thread


I think this new star in Westworld is going to be the next big thing after the series ends. She is the coolest chick in Hollywood since the days when Angelina Jolie was single.

Evan Rachel Wood — actress, musician, and Certified Badass at the Golden Globes tonight.


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On True Blood. Thats not makeup, the girls skin is perfect.

Her Twitter feed is a pleasant one to follow as shes involved with her rock band too. Her, Shannon Woodward (Elsie), and Jimi Simpson (William) banter, play, and bitch about Trump.

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I liked her performance in Thirteen the best and she wasn't terrible in Across the Universe.

Westworld, her performance might be my least favourite. It's hard to act like a sympathetic robot though.

Shes great,always liked her.Seen most of her stuff. she wrote a great piece for the rolling stone not too long ago about being BI and getting through sexual assault.
I loved her red hair,she should have kept it
Britney is my favorite

Have you seen Thirteen with her and Holly Hunter? Was it worth seeing?
Yeah but I barely remember it. It was at least ten years ago that I saw it.

I've always liked her, despite the fact the I've only see her in a few movies and recently Westworld.

She's pretty good the HBO Mildred Pierce, btw. I'd like to see her work with Todd Haynes again. She has a similar type of heighten acting style to Julianne Moore, I think, and Haynes is good at handling that.

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Check out Into The Forest, as well. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi with Ellen Page.

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Love Love Love her in Westworld - amazing when she instantly turns off the emotion. Loved her in True Blood. Loved her a lot in Charlie Countryman. And from the little I've seen of her in interviews she seems like a kick ass chick. I have a lady crush. And 'Tongo mentioned her skin - stunning! She seems talented, headstrong, and just a tiny lil stunner.