R.I.P. Kelly Preston


I'm speechless...I don't believe this...first his son, and now Kelly...this is heartbreaking. What a loss...loved her in Jerry Maguire and Twins. I don't believe this. My condolences to John and the rest of his family RIP.

I got to meet Kelly and John at an event in Baltimore in 2013.

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The truth is in here
Damn, you're lucky! I'm sure they were terrific people to interact with.

R.I.P., Preston. Another unfortunate victim of cancer.

Apparently it was a tightly held secret, from what I read. Travolta has always been private
Gee, I had to think who she is. Now I know. Will go & wiki her for more details. RIP ✝️
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Travolta lost his girlfriend Diana Hyland to breast cancer in 1977. He just lost his wife to the same disease. Heartbreaking.

Add on to this the tragic death of his 16 year old son. This man has gone through a lot of pain.

RIP Kelly Preston.
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I donít think Iíve ever seen her in a movie.
She's in one of my favorites... which is Sky High (2005).
Kind of a requisite movie for comic book geeks - even though it's not based on a comic book, but is a film that satirizes all comic book tropes!