Survival movie implying 3 friends



I'm desperatly looking for a movie name I can't remember, here is the plot :

It's the story about 2 friends who often go to a forest to train their survival skills. This time, an other friend comes along, but he is less experienced and for example he brings alcohol which deshydrate you even faster. Anyway, they all 3 go to the forest and start organizing for their survival trip, including finding meat. They built some kind of booby trap to hunt animals but the trap goes off while they were setting it. One of the 2 experimented guy got a piece of wood stuck in it's chest and may die soon. The two other (one novice, one experimented) decide to transport him back to civilization. Unfortunately, the wounded guy remove the piece of wood in it's chest, resulting in a open bleeding. Knowing he's suffering even more, the other valid experimented guy kills him faster by smashing a rock on his head, killing him instantly. The novice guy is scared and decides to escape. The experimented guy won't let him tell what happened and decides to hunt him. There is a pursuit in the forest playing hide and seek and then I don't really remember the end.

Does it reminds something to someone ?
Also sorry for bad english. It's a movie I saw few years ago. It's not really recent, I'd say around the year 2000 or less. Probably American ?

Thank you for reading



Thank you SO much ! I've been looking for it for many years without being able to find it. Probably not the best movie but it marked me.

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Marked answered - thanks!
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