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First R rated movie you ever saw?


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What was the first R rated movie(s) that you remember seeing?

Mine would be:

Stand By Me



All were great and still are today.
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I'm going by the Australian R rating for this one (restricted to viewers 18 and over)

At the time, when I rented out and watched A Fistful of Dollars there was an R18 on the cover. However, it has been subsequently re-rated and given an MA15 rating. In that case, the first R film I've seen is Apocalypse Now Redux.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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The first R-rated movie I ever saw in the theaters was "Altered States"...I was 7 years old, my mother and uncle took me. Crazy!


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'Evil Dead' when I was but a mere youngling. My babysitter put it on for me!

I didn't sleep well that night.

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Mmm, Return of the Living Dead for me. I can still hear the first skull that got crunched. We were, erm, transfixed.

(Now that i've remembered it, i'm gonna blame it for the dream about a zombie Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt i had this morning. Thank goodness someone phoned up to try and con me out of some money )

If only we'd watched something more cultural. Le sigh.
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I saw The Terminator when I was very young. And I think I watched the Dirty Harry movies when I were a young kid as well.

It was either Terminator 2 or Aliens but i remember being 3 or 4
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We don't have 'R', the UK equivilent is either '15' or '18' depending on content. I wouldn't say 'NC-17' is the same as our '18' as there is no stigma attached to '18' films.

I'd say T2, which was a '15' and i saw on VHS rental when i was 13. Not very shocking.

Didn't we already have a thread like this?

Anyways, my first one was Lethal Weapon. It's always good to start R-rated with a good foot. I'll make sure my kid sees it first.

First one I saw in theaters was Hannibal. It twas fun.
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Originally Posted by SamsoniteDelilah
The Breakfast Club (I still don't see why it was rated R...)
Maybe it was the dandruff-art?

Or the way it depicted pot in a bad light? (Who dances like Emilio Estevez when they're stoned? Only Emilio Estevez, that's who. It was stereotypical )

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R ratings are usually for violence or sex, right? I'm not going to ask which of those you are applying to the dandruff art, because I'm afraid the answer may give me nightmares. Although it's possible the memory of Dancing Emilio will have that effect anyway.

The first R-rated movies I remember going to see in the theater were Outland (May of 1981), Stripes (June of 1981) and Conan the Barbarian (May of 1982). Maybe another one or two from that time period as well, but those three for sure, and I'm almost positive Outland was the first I saw in the theater. I was eleven-years-old in May of 1981. My Dad took me to all three of 'em. I believe my brother, two years younger than me, got to see Outland and Conan, but not Stripes (a point on which I teased him endlessly).

Januray of 1981 is when we first got cable television (and we didn't get our first VCR for another year or so), so that's when I saw my first un-edited R-rated flicks on TV. I have no idea how many I saw (mostly sneaking them when Mom and Dad weren't home, as I was ten and eleven), but two I remember for damn sure are The Shining and Apocalypse Now. Thank you, Movie Channel!
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Oh, and my Dad wasn't the only parent corrupting me: my Mom took me to see The World According to Garp (July of 1982).

As for the first R-rated movie I saw in the theater without a parent with me, a buddy and I walked right up to the box office and bought tickets for To Live & Die in L.A. (November of 1985) when I was but a lad of fifteen.

As you can see, my folks thought I could handle supposedly "adult" material at a pretty young age.

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Originally Posted by SamsoniteDelilah
The Breakfast Club (I still don't see why it was rated R...)
The potsmoking?
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With difficulty

As far as American R ratings go, I think maybe the answer will be Crazy People. According to my parents, they took me to see this while I was little (yes, my parents were like those criminals who bring babies to cinemas - what's the point, if they can't watch the movie?) and I was told that I spent the whole movie crying unless Daryl Hannah was on-screen, in which case I clapped up.

Watching her in Kill Bill last year triggered some strange memories...

I should remember this better than I do. My parents had crises of concience when I was about six and put severe limits on my television watching thereafter. I remember seeing a network television edit (we didn't have cable t.v. until 1997) of Robocop with a babysitter which must have been around 1989 or so. Before that I saw a Rambo flick with a different babysitter when I was around four, and saw Bladerunner at a family gathering not too long after that (and never got around to seeing it again until just a couple of years ago!)

Damn, Golgot, I wish I lost my virginity to a movie as cool as Return of the Living Dead! Just show'd that to my kid brother a couple months ago.

Not knowing what to expect, I let my 11-year-old sister watch The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover several years ago.

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Originally Posted by Holden Pike
Oh, and my Dad wasn't the only parent corrupting me: my Mom took me to see The World According to Garp (July of 1982)...
wow! ok, I have to change my answer. That was the first one I saw, and I remember being extremely uncomfortable in it, as I saw it with my best friend and her mom.

Originally Posted by Pidzilla
The potsmoking?
I think it should say something for the pro-legalization movement that even though I was a devout Mormon (BYU-attending, non-caffeinated soda-drinking goodie two shoes) when I saw that film, it never occurred to me that potsmoking should be censored.

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i think i was 8 and it was Nightmare on Elm Street, some number. 2? It involved a dude in a hospital getting his wrist slit and being dangled around like a puppet via his exposed veins. WOO!
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