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Oldboy 2: Youngman
I really wish The Adventures of Prince Achmed made the final list since it's one of the first animated films ever and is of incredible importance in the animation world for that reason. I can't complain though because I didn't vote for it, as I haven't seen it.

Oldboy 2: Youngman
I should have voted for Vincent though. If I was going to vote for any animated short film it would be that one.

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And I just noticed From Up on Poppy Hill too; that and Over the Hedge were 2 of 6 movies from my watchlist I ran out of time for. The other 4 I didn't get to were Shrek, Despicable Me, Wolf Children, and Chicken Run.

And I just noticed From Up on Poppy Hill too; that and Over the Hedge were 2 of 6 movies from my watchlist I ran out of time for. The other 4 I didn't get to were Shrek, Despicable Me, Wolf Children, and Chicken Run.

You should have watched Over the Hedge and Despicable Me. (You should still watch them, even though the voting is over.)

IMO, Shrek and Chicken Run are overrated. I haven't seen the other two.

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Although I didn't vote for them, The Secret of NIMH, The Brace Little Toaster, The Adventures of Tintin and Robin Hood are all great films. I can't even chuck up my appreciation of The Brave Little Toaster to nostalgia, since I didn't even see it until college (same with Dumbo and Bambi).
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I had Secret of Nimh at number ELEVEN.
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From Up On Poppy Hill was my #15. Too bad it just missed out. I totally expected it to make it. It's a fantastic film that somehow really got to my senses when I watched it for the first time. This is what I wrote about it back then in my review thread (it doesn't really say that much about the film as it was just a short write-up, but it does show my initial enthusiastic reaction):

I went into this movie without any high expectations, as it is rated significantly lower than most of Hayao Miyazaki's films, who of course is the legendary father of Goro, who directed this film. I must say I really like this film A LOT! I like it even more than some of Miyazaki's work, frankly. It has a whole different style, as it is way more realistic, but my god, this film had a great deal of depth! It's really a brilliant piece of film. The story works on three interconnected narrative levels, in my opinion.

First of all there is the Japanese community of 1964, right before the olympics, the event that kind of 'allowed' Japan to be part of the world again after its deeds in World War II. The country struggles between tradition and modernisation.
The film shows how it is not always good to completely ignore the past using a student house (the second level of the story) as an example of how a gritty building (past) still can hold some wonderful things.
Then there are the main characters, the third layer of the story. A girl falls in love with a boy, but because of something that happened in the past, this love seems impossible and wrong.

All three levels try to find a certain balance in a very similar way. The story is very ingeniously constructed. I'm not going into detail, as I don't want to give anything away.
I'm also a big fan of the music it features (Sukiyaki's Kyu Sakamoto is a very fitting musical symbol for the Westernization of Japan, as it is the only Japanese song that ever topped the Billboard top 100).

Great film! I absolutely adored it and I very much recommend it!
I've also seen Over the Hedge, Robin Hood, The Adventures Of Tintin, The Brave Little Toaster, Ice Age and The Secret Of NIMH.

The ones in bold are films that I really really like a lot and even considered for my list, so I'm very sad they didn't make it either. The others are enjoyable, but they never had a chance of being on my top 25.
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I had Secret of Nimh at number ELEVEN.
You and I accounted for 60% of its points. And I'm going to fight all the (apparently numerous) people who didn't vote for it.


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I had The Adventures of Prince Achmed (#15) and Vincent (#16) on my list, and I would bet Sarah did too. I think I'm going to go cry now like Miss Vicky is about Over the Hedge.
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My list so far:

8. Robin Hood (DNP)
17. The Adventures of Tintin (DNP)
22. Ice Age (DNP)
25. Logorama (One-Pointer!)

If anyone who hasn't seen it has a spare 16 mins, you should check out Logorama.

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I caught Hulk Vs. on a Saturday morning (typically), so much fun. Might be the best Hulk adaption.

Question for all, were all the movies on your list
or over?

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Weeman is going to heartbroken Brave Little Toaster didn't make it. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time almost made my list but I ended up nixing it at the last minute. I'm kind of surprised NIMH isn't going to be showing up. I wasn't too impressed with it but I thought it was a pretty popular film.
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Weeman is going to heartbroken Brave Little Toaster didn't make it.
That's what he gets for not being around enough to really campaign for it.


Shouldn't this thread be categorized under "important" instead of Member Reviews' Threads? I remember the same thing happening with the '70s list in the beginning, because there was something with the code you had to change first.