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I don't have very many dreams where movies stars appear but every once in a long while it happens. Last night I had the most bizarre dream about Al Pacino. I've never had a dream about him before, this would be my first time.

In the dream was a group of stalkers wearing Al Pacino masks and I was trying to escape them because they were going to tie me up to a stage and burn me alive. I kept running and all I could see was their Al Pacino masks and their bodies were pitch black like shadows, no light reflecting off them. The masks were like the old style 3D video games, blocky with blurry images painted on them, like the old Playstation and N64 games. They were a grey older Al Pacino and they all looked the same. Everything felt like lego land and all my enemies that were trying to catch me were disguising themselves like Al Pacino to trick me into thinking it was all him. But I was too smart for that...

I did escape them and ended up on a long empty desert road in the late evening like right before the sky turns black but a little bit dark blue. And those shadows were up ahead of me and they kept laying their masks on the ground then went to hide off on the side thinking I couldnt see them. And I would walk past an Al Pacino mask and it would say psychically to me, "Talk with me, lets talk, say something." but I knew it wasnt Al Pacino, it was that unknown shadowy figure off the side over there. I said nothing and didnt answer then this repeated a couple times before I woke up.

Ever have dreams where movie stars show up? Talk about them here.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
I did once dream about Jennifer Lawrence. Years ago. I donít remember the details, but I do remember her popping up.

I had a dream with Matt Damon in it. I was with a group of people lost inside this enormous space alien factory that was like an endless maze. We saw humans in each room mindlessly completing tasks not even knowing we were there trying to escape. One of us was Matt Damon. He suddenly became like the empty humans, and jumped into a vat of some strange pinkish-gray gel about knee high with a tray in his left arm that looked like a deep dish baking pan filled with three huge cinnamon roll shape doughy things. He peeled them out of the pan and dropped them into the gel and started mashing the stuff with his feet like a wine mash. Others in the group lost their minds too and wandered off. A few of us left started yelling at Matt Damon to "Come on we gotta go!" He looked back up at us blankly having peeled two of the doughy rolls out and still mashing his feet. He is now like a space alien, a mind controlled robot. We noticed the vat at his feet was extremely hot and as we started to freak out helplessly over seeing him continue although his legs started boiling up and bleeding I woke up. First time Matt Damon was in a dream of mine. More to the dream before I noticed Matt Damon was in the group. Very ominous vibes through the dream. Almost nightmarish.

Itís always a child version of me and 1980ís Schwarzenegger and we saved the world.

I have been fortunate enough to dream about Sherilyn Fenn several times. But I don't remember most of them. Of the few I do there was nothing memorable.

The one real notable dream regarding a movie star (I am stretching the definition, though technically I am right) was about Allie Haze. I was married to her, & oscillating between being delighted with it, & worried about my family finding about it.

I had a dream that I was hanging with Edward James Olmos at his house. We were watching one his old movies.

I never have sex dreams but last night I had one about Jennifer Aniston. For starters I've never considered her especially sexy. I know plenty of people do but she never did it for me. And I think she was a sex doll in the dream.

I had a dream that I was hanging with Edward James Olmos at his house. We were watching one his old movies.
Did the topic of skincare come up?

I had a dream that I was having this cook off with Chef Ramsay and then Michael Myers comes in and slashed me in the back with a knife.

Gordon saves me by pushing Myers into some ditch so he could get me some medical attention at some nearby hospital.

Gordon finds out Michael is off to target a Neighborhood where some of his family members live. As Michael finds them, Gordon manages to make it to his house on time and have a bloody show down with Michael in the front lawn. The fight went on for a good 10 minutes.

It all ends when Michael is knocked down to the ground after getting struck with this garden rake from the help from one of his family members. As Michael sits up, Gordon quickly drives the chef knife into Michael's head, making part of the chef knife come out of his jaw.

He lays on the ground, bleeding to death with his hands still moving. Gordon goes to his pickup truck to take out this shotgun and blows Michael's head off.

I've had other dreams where Gordon fought other killers like Freddy, Jason, Pennywise, Leatherface and helped him kill them all, it happened each night and not just in one night which is fun that way. I had a dream with him about the Purge where we have to survive the night against the cancel culture Purgers that want to end Gordon because they think he's a bully and mean on his tv shows which we end up surviving fk them cancel culture snowflakes lol.

I know this all might seem weird but I thought it was a cool thing to dream about.
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I didn't so much have a dream about a movie star but after watching one movie I had a nightmare which played out one scene directly taken from the film, it was different in no way from the film, The movie in question was "Come And See" the scene in question was during the round up of the villagers into the barn when a baby is thrown out a window, the smiling nazi soldier picks the baby back up and throws it back in through the window, it was just that scene that lasted all but 5 seconds, I woke up and made some kind of involuntary noise in doing so.. I was in a depressed dark mood for days perhaps a week after watching it but thankfully I've had no dream about it since and I will not watch the film again.

The directors last film as he felt he'd gone as far as he could go in film making, I'm really not surprised, the camera work is exquisite, the movie is I don't say lightly a masterpiece but a horrifying nightmare inducing one, for me at least.

Watched that damn thing on VHS years ago having no idea what I was getting into.

You ready? You look ready.
only dream i can remember involving a star was when i dreamed that i was driving to the airport to pick up my good friend Leonard Nimoy. i had vulcan ears and iím driving across a bridge and then next thing i know iím on an escalator (still in the car) going up to departures. then thereís Leonard Nimoy and heís all ďhello friendĒ and we shake hands, and then i woke up

Years ago I was having a dream about The Sopranos... Tony was up to something in the dream.
The only reason I remember this specific dream at this time is because I was awakened by the telephone - it was my brother calling to tell me James Gandolfini had just died!

(make of it what you will)