Recommend me movies I will rate five stars!


Sorry if I'm rude but I'm right
Hi. I'm new to this site. Recommend me amazing movies I will love like Matrix, or Forrest Gump!!!!11 Thanks in advance.

Seriously, though:

Recommend me movies I will rate

How do I know your taste?

Go to my RYM profile and check out my highest film ratings, or check out my Movies that deserve a cookie list.

How do I know if you've already seen a film I'd like to recommend?

Go here.

Scroll down until you get to the film section.

Type the name of the film in the text field with Search mrminio's film collection for label and click the button.

Let's test it out!

Hmm, I'm wondering if this doofus has been Satantango...


Oh yeah. He has!

Look, I'm not judging you - after all, I'm posting here myself, but maybe, just maybe, if you spent less time here and more time watching films, maybe, and I stress, maybe your taste would be of some value. Just a thought, ya know.

I love the above movie.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

Sorry if I'm rude but I'm right
I've already seen it years ago. -_-
Behind The Mask
Which one exactly? The Karloff flick?
You should watch all of Lynne Ramsay and Andrea Arnolds movies.
Doubt it. I rated Fish Tank only
and that's because it had Fassbender. Wuthering Heights and American Honey look like this modern kind of movies I hate. So does Red Road. So that's it for Andrea Arnold. Miles away from a potential five star rating. As of Lynne Ramsay I've only seen We Need to Talk About Kevin and rated it
. As for the rest of her flims, Ratcatcher is the only one that looks promising, but a five star flick? No way.

Sorry if I'm rude but I'm right
I've seen Red Angel and The Plea and have some of these on my watchlist. There are three I haven't heard of, though.

Summing up these recs are:


Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy?
If you like the Matrix, check out Kung Fu Hustle. It's not nearly as intricate but that can be a good thing.

Also do yourself a favor and watch The Sting.

Considering the topic of this thread, it's interesting that not a single film posted so far I've even heard of let alone seen.
I can understand the rest, but I'd be quite surprised actually if you hadn't at least heard about The white ribbon.

Then again this is just a sample of how strikingly different the film watching experiences can be among hardcore cinephiles like most of us MoFos are.

Sorry if I'm rude but I'm right
I was joking about Matrix and Forrest Gump. I thought that was obvious. -_-
I've seen The Sting years ago.
A true cinephile watches everything.

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I think it's on YouTube.

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