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  1. 08-29-17
    Hey, are you interested in sending a top ten tv show list for the upcoming Countdown?
  2. 04-24-17
    Weird. I just clicked the one that came up right away. I've fixed it now.

    By the way, my top 5 are interchangeable.
  3. 04-22-17
    Quick question: you have your favorite movie listed as a studio play of 12 Angry Men; did you mean to choose that version, or did you mean to add the more famous Henry Fonda version?
The Boondock Saints   5/29/18
The profanity actually feels overused, despite this film not having much more than a typical Tarantino film

Hard Boiled   8/18/17
It's not like a Tarantino film where the dialogue/plot are brilliant, or Transformers film where it's all CGI

Who Killed Captain Alex?   3/22/17
I will start off by saying that "Who Killed Captain Alex", labeled as "Uganda's First Action Movie," is easily

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