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Batman & Robin
Original Release Date: June 20, 1997

The film begins with a trip to the Gotham Museum of Art, because a guy named Freeze wants to steal some diamonds to bring his frozen wife back too life. And Freeze is frozen too, because he fell into a a big vat of some frosty toxins while researching a cure. There's a scene where Bruce Wayne and Chris O'Donnell's Robin watch video footage of the accident. I completely lmao at maximum at this flashback scene of Freeze falling into the vat. It is amazing. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a doctor, is calmly standing at a desk, and then randomly falls backwards screaming into the dreaded vat. I tried to go find a video of it on YouTube, but it wasn't there. All-time great scene. Also, there's this girl named Pamela Isley. She works for a doctor too, an insane doctor named Dr. Woodrue. He messes and mixes around with steroids and venom, creating Mr. Bane. After that, he tries to kill his employee Pamela Isley with poison, who is a big nerd hipster obsessed with nature. But instead of killing her, the poison turns her into an attractive combination of a Greek Goddess Aphrodite Pagan Hippie aka Posion Ivy.

So there's a Doctor Freeze who has a frozen wife, who also froze by randomly falling into a vat of toxins while researching the cure for his frozen wife, and there's another doctor who has a hippie girl working for him who gets poisoned too. This is outstanding story writing, I am convinced. Okay, where are we, *checks notes*, oh- Poison Ivy's lips are filled with venom, and she's the embodiment representation of raging postmodern philosophy. She calls a policeman a Fascist bulldog. She proclaims Batman and Robin are the militant arm of the warm-blooded oppressors. After she joins up with Mr Freeze, she manipulates him from unleashing his revenge rage not just on Batman and Robin, but on the entire society that created them too! Fascinating. I'm happy I had a class last year that studied 1990s films through a postmodernism lens, and it created whole new layers and dimensions to stories that otherwise would've flown over my head. On top of that charm, there's also some absolutely amazing lines all within a one-minute span at one point. Poison Ivy and Bane rescue Freeze from Arkham Asylum, bringing his big ridiculous armor suit, to which he proclaims, "A laundry service that delivers, WOW!" Shortly after, upon finding more diamonds to steal, Poison Ivy announces, "I'll help you grab your rocks!" When the three escape from Arkham, Freeze shouts, "I hope Mr. Bane can swim!" *Then they jump off a 8 million foot cliff into a river.

In the first part of the movie, Alicia Silverstone struck me as aggravating, set against how engaging Uma Thurman's Ivy was. Interestingly, it flipped by the end. Meanwhile, at the batcave, Alfred is sick and dying, and there's actually a central heart to the story with George Clooney's Batman having flashbacks to his childhood, and Alfred as a father figure. But then there's a scene by Alfred's bedside where Bruce gets, like, noticably affectionate, and it's suddenly super weird, a single moment that was like a wtf-what-was-that? mind-scramble. There's a jungle of postmodernism here to explore, yet at the same time can be enjoyed on the surface as well. There's a moment too where Robin tries to save Silverstone's Batgirl, yet there's a gender role-reversal where Batgirl saves Robin instead. Time to thaw the ice over our dead-serious movie hearts. Forget everything you know, or think you know, total 1990's time capsule by Joel Schumacher. There's even a point where I'd love to hang around right now and organize this more, but I've gotta head to sleep before ANOTHER night shift this evening. Await your ideas @cat_sidhe ! Put it in the books. Some lyrics from R Kelly's end credits song.
A city of justice, a city of love
A city of peace, for everyone of us
We all need it, can't live without it
Gotham City

Don't you want one
Please excuse me, gotta go watch Freeze fall in the vat again. Oh gah, didn't even get to his change of heart where Freeze cures Alfred.

+ 7.5 / 10

Gotham City - by R Kelly

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Batman & Robin
Joel Schumacher

Hmm, where to start with this movie. Frozen Bat logo and then STRAIGHT into nipple country.

I don't really know how to feel about this one. I can appreciate the campy comic book look, but it ended up looking a bit two dimensional (and I generally prefer a graphic novel approach as opposed to comic approach), and the over the topness was bit too over the top. I'm also not sure how I feel about George Clooney's Batman. While I like all the Batmans to some degree, this one didn't really strike it hot, despite the abundance of Batnipple. Btw, there was nipple all over this one, which was awesome. Batnipple, Robinnipple, and...ape constume nipple.

Yup, there it is...

So, Clooney's Batman. Ok in the chin department, but I feel his portrayal is too happy. It's most obvious when he's trying to drag Robin over the coals. I just don't buy him. But they do get the part right about it being Batman's way or the highway, usually. He's stubborn as ****.

There were dad puns galore in this movie, and even as a perpetrator of such puns, I howled at a few. Oh my god. Also, kudos to lines like STAY COOL BIRD BOY!, ADAM AND EVIL, and every Stark in Winterfell's wet dream...WINTER HAS COME AT LAST.

There was some dodgy makeup going on, but it had to fit the set, which did go through some trouble to try and look like a comic book, but ultimately I don't really think it all worked. It went on a bit too long, and by the end I was grateful it was over as it hasn't aged well. I did have some fun with it, but it's quite an ugly movie, with some whoah bad effects.

Random Cat Fact #7: In the winter, my male cat's nickname is Mr Freeze. He's sweet, but sometimes a bit daft, so he doesn't know how to ask to come back in when he's out, so we have to have the balcony door open in minus degrees.

Thanks for giving Batman & Robin a shot @cat_sidhe , hopefully you got some cheap laughs out of it all!! Maybe I'm going completely crazy doing these night shifts (I'm on break, it's after 2 in the morning!!!!)

Thanks for giving Batman & Robin a shot @cat_sidhe , hopefully you got some cheap laughs out of it all!! Maybe I'm going completely crazy doing these night shifts (I'm on break, it's after 2 in the morning!!!!)
I did, as the puns were relentless.

Used to do graveyard shifts at another job. 3-4am was the crazy time for me.

REALLY still didn't talk about all my thoughts on Batman & Robin in my writings. One of them, I get the sense it's like the great-grandson of those cheesy old Ed Wood Jr 1950s flicks such as Glen or Glenda (1953), Bride of the Monster (1955), Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959), & Night of the Ghouls (1959). Think about the mood of the films, how Tim Burton relaunched the Bat stories in 1989, five years before he made the movie Ed Wood (1994). Joel Schumacher took these there, I believe that. Also, one of the defining linchpins of the postmodern in 1990s film is that meta self-awareness, these Schumacher flicks know exactly what they're doing. Listen to the first moments right when Batman & Robin (1997) ends~

Right outta Ed Wood Jr flicks. I wouldn't mind breaking from the Bat films for a short whille. Fun awaits!

Drop a hit if you've got interest!
@Sexy Celebrity
@Captain Spaulding
@mark f

Do it. It will still work because I'm sure there's a bat in at least one Ed Wood movie.

Do it. It will still work because I'm sure there's a bat in at least one Ed Wood movie.
If there isn't, they're wacky "batty" flicks. I'd get worn out in here if I didn't give room for creativity. Of these, I've seen only Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959).

More people just found out I rated Batman & Robin (1997) a 7.5 outta 10 The love strangely grows *popcorn bags*

More people just found out I rated Batman & Robin (1997) a 7.5 outta 10 The love strangely grows *popcorn bags*

I love that you love **** as much as I do. Sometimes it's different ****, but...


@Nostromo87 Are you going to make an Ed Wood corner, too? I have Plan 9 From Outer Space on dvd and at least two other films on a box set I have of 50 classic sci-fi films.