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Before I watched Rear Window, I was incredible ashamed to say that I have only seen two Alfred Hitchcock films, now I have seen three. North by Northwest and Strangers on a Train are the other two films, and both of them were as incredible as this one. This film is one that you have to watch if you ever want to understand the master of suspense himself, for this is one of his best works (of the three that I have seen).

The film is about a recently wounded photographer played by James Stewart. He has broken his leg, and is stuck in home with only his girlfriend and nurse to keep him company. While in his wheelchair, he uses his camera to spy on his neighbors, and he spots what he believes to be a murder right across the street. The entirety of the film takes place in one room, so all of the camera views are from that room, even when you are looking into somebody else's home. This creates a large amount of suspense because the audience can do nothing while the action occurs in another building, and Alfred Hitchcock makes the viewer feel as if he is trapped in this room along with the photographer. This film would be fantastic on this setup alone, but the movie has an intriguing story, great characters, and brilliant writing. All of the buildup that occurs during the movie turns into an explosive climax.

The characters were very well done thanks to great performances. This was the first time in a movie that a spoiled female movie character was actually likable instead of annoying. I especially enjoyed Raymond Burr as Mr. Thorwald, who managed to be incredibly menacing and intimidating without even speaking on screen.

My Alfred Hitchcock marathon will continue, and hopefully I will like all of his films as much as this one. The talent and effort that goes into every single shot of this masterpiece is shown. I love movies with great endings, and this certainly has a great one that will stick in your mind far after the film is over. Alfred Hitchcock has already proven his genius to me, and I can't wait to watch more.

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Wizard of Oz

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The wizard of oz is a stupid kids movie thats unrealistic. Also the scarecrow and the lion can talk and so can the robot. I mean the robot makes sense because some robots can talk but a lot... nah come on. The movie is about a girl who goes to sleep and wakes up in a town called muchkin land which is full of dwarfs. They run around and sing and she goes and meets a fairy (i mean come on) and they defeat a witch. May I also add that its not even a battle she just dies. Also may I add that none of the people who fight are boys like come on its kinda ridiculous. Then she meets a scarecrow who sings with her and then she meets the robot. The robot and the scarecrow are nice which is cool but they dont do anything cool. Then a lion scares them in the forest but he is actually nice as well (i mean come on why dont they have at least one battle). Then they meet a really scary face but it turns out its an old man in the green city and the mans name is OZ. The witch tries to defeat the girl but the one cool part is that she has powers and burns the witch. They all celebrate and go back to her farm where they transform into humans. Its a happy ending ( i mean come on) which means its a silly movie, so in all 8/10.


Woody Allen is a pedophille

Kathryn Bigelow has proven herself to be one of the greatest action movie directors since her ex-husband James Cameron, and The Hurt Locker is the greatest example of this. This film shows true talented directing, and it even got Bigelow an Academy Award, the first Best Director Oscar to ever be given to a female director. If you are not already convinced that she is one of the finest directors working today, watch either Zero Dark Thirty or Point Break and your mind will be changed.

The Hurt Locker is about Sergeant William James, a rouge veteran who becomes the new leader of a EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit during the Iraq war. The film follows him, Sergeant J.T. Sanborn and Specialist Owen Eldridge as they try to stay alive until their rotation. The highlights of this film are the various bomb defusal scenes throughout the film. I appreciated the choice to not use music during these important scenes. Some people would make the mistake of thinking that adding music would add to the suspense, but most of the time it is exactly the opposite. By choosing to not use music at crucial action moments during the film made them even more intense and dramatic.

This movie shines much more on a technical level than anything else. The editing, sound design, directing, and cinematography were all some of the best I have seen from a more recent film. The slow motion was especially used very well in the film, much better than any current day action movies. The characters weren't anything too special, but the good performances allowed the audience to feel emotions towards them, and you never know whether or not any character could die in any given scene.

Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker is on of the greatest action movie to come out in the past ten years, and great directing, sound, and editing was what brought it to life. This was one of the Hollywood action movies that strays away from the typical tropes and clichés, and the effort definitely shows in the final product.

Wizard of Oz

*puts sunglasses on*

The wizard of oz is a stupid kids movie...
You lost me after this. It was such a good start, too.
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Woody Allen is a pedophille

My expectations were set very high when I went to the theatre to watch Mad Max: Fury Road and they were met. The movie was enjoyable, and it only tried to be fun. However when I decided to watch Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, I used expectations for Fury Road, and they were surpassed. This film was a perfect mix of action, sci-fi, and fantasy, and they blended perfectly together for this film, and it much surpasses its slower paced Mad Max, and the more action-packed Fury Road.

After avenging his family's death, Max Rockatansky tries to protect an outside tribe from nomadic marauders trying to steal their gasoline. Max must deliver the gas 2,000 miles and help the tribe escape. Every single scene of this movie is completely action packed. From bikes to tankers to gyrocopters, the props and setting is used to it's fullest. Some of what makes the film hold up so well after 34 years is the use of only practical effects. CGI was not very popular when Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior was released, and I could not imagine how much more I would have hated the film if they used CGI. The practical make every crash and death look so much more real, and it helped with the immersion of the film.

I can't exactly tell you why I enjoyed this film so much more than Fury Road, because they are definitely very similar films. If I had to pick a reason, I would say that it was surprisingly how much smaller Road Warrior was in comparison. Road Warrior is definitely not a small film at all, but much smaller than current day action films. I loved the uniqueness of every shot, character, location, and line of dialog. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is one of the greatest action films ever made, and I loved every second of it.

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Woody Allen is a pedophille

As I previously said in my Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior review, my expectations were set pretty high for Mad Max: Fury Road due to all of the praise surrounding it, and I would definitely say these expectations were met. This is probably one of the better recent action flicks, and it reminded me of movies like Speed where the action literally could not stop. While in my opinion it wasn't better than The Road Warrior this film was still very fun, and felt like it could proudly stand on its own, away from the trilogy.

The film follows Max and Furiosa as they try to steal a tanker from an evil dictator and bring his wives to a fantasy-like green place that Furiosa was born in. Unlike the more attached to civilization environments from the original trilogy, Fury Road replaces them with a barren wasteland of dust. I liked this choice for the movie because it makes the audience feel like there is no hope left at all, a theme the film seemed to be going for. To me this film was much more impressive on a technical level than anything else. While I was worried that the use of CGI would damage the film, I was glad to see that it wasn't over used, and when it was used, it was used very well. The lighting and color scheme was also great as the movie changed from the the bright orange day time to the light teal blue nighttime. While teal and orange is defiantly not an original color palette (look up teal and orange movie posters) I thought it was used very well in this film.

To me Mad Max: Fury Road did not feel like a Mad Max film, it felt like a post-apocalyptic action movie that was heavily inspired by the trilogy. They changed the character, the landscape, and the plot structure, and while this wasn't a bad choice, it made me leave the theatre thinking I didn't just watch a Mad Max movie.

All in all, even though it had its flaws, the movie didn't take itself too seriously and was simply fun. Watch the trailer, and if you think it looks like fun, then you will like the movie. Also if you liked this film, I would definitely recommend The Road Warrior because in my opinion it is much better. Mad Max: Fury Road was a lot of fun, and the best action movie yet this year.

I have to return some videotapes.
I couldn't do a fair one for it. I was disgusted by it, and left before it ended. The first movie I've ever walked out of, actually.

Woody Allen is a pedophille

I was never such a huge fan of musicals, but when I saw that the Animated Musical HoF was taking nominations, I decided to give it a shot. The first film I watched from all of the nominees was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I had seen the film before but not since I was very young, and I was skeptical if it would still be enjoyable as an adult, and I was pleasantly surprised. This movie had great visuals, catchy songs, and a good story, and it still held up.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack Skellington, the Halloween pumpkin king, and he becomes bored of the same old Halloween scares. He then stumbles across the holiday of Christmas, and decides to have him and the other citizens of Halloween town take over christmas. What I enjoyed the most about this film was the way they used the songs to progress the story instead of delaying it. All of the musical numbers, good or bad, were used to either advanced the plot or gave exposition, and doing the opposite is what I don't like about some other musicals. The movie got to the point and didn't waste your time. The claymation was also incredibly used, and the animation was another one of the main highlights.

While all of these things were good about the film, I think that it didn't do anything special to make itself stand out from other similar films. The music, visuals, and story were good, but there are other movies with much better music, visuals and stories. Because of this I wouldn't call this film great, just sort of ok. Some songs were very good and impressive while others sort of fell flat. This doesn't mean that I didn't like the movie, but it wasn't anything special. The Nightmare Before Christmas was a good start to the Animated Musicals HoF, and I can't wait to watch more.

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Despite its child-like animation, Fantasia is definitely not a children's movie. When I first saw Fantasia, I was about 9 years old, and I found it incredibly dull and boring. Rewatching it as an adult, I realized that it is a visual masterpiece. The soundtrack was brilliantly put together by Leopold Stokowski, and the visuals are fantastic, you could turn off the picture and just listen, or turn off the sound and just watch, and it would still be a great movie.

There is no continuos story during Fantasia, and the film is made up of 7 different segments. My two favorites of the 7 would be the finale, Night on Bald Mountain, and the now iconic Sorcerers Apprentice. The visuals used in the final segment was some of the greatest 2D animation I have ever scene, and it makes Fantasia probably the darkest Disney movie of all time. The Sorcerers Apprentice on the other hand, was just a great story with great music. I also very much enjoyed Meet the Soundtrack, but it was very short and not really a segment.

If there was any segment I didn't like so much, it would have to be Rite of Spring. The animation was nothing special, it dragged out for far too long, and I didn't care too much for the music. However I did appreciate that Disney did not shy away from showing some good old dinosaur carnage. Another thing I did not care for was when the narrator, Deems Taylor, would explain everything that happens in each segment before it appears on screen. He especially ruined the segment Dance of the Hours for me because not only did he describe what happened, but also what the symbolism behind the segment was. I would have much preferred if the film let the audience discover the symbolism on their own.

This film was one of the darkest, best scored, and most beautiful animated movies I have ever seen. Fantasia might not be so great for children, but if you enjoy classical music and great visuals, definitely give this one a watch.

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Sita Sings the Blues is probably one of the strangest movies I have ever seen. I decided to take a break from the Disney classics nominated for the Animated Musicals HoF, and chose to watch one of the more obscure films. During this viewing experience I learned about the Ramayana, learned about the story of Sita and Rama, and listened to some 1920's jazz music, and for the most part, it was very enjoyable.

In the film, three narrators tell the story of Rama and his beautiful wife Sita as they are banished into the woods for 14 years. There is also a side story about to lovers in a long-distance relationship, one in India, and one in New York. The movie had three main styles of animation. A flash animation used to tell the story of Sita, a more generic 2D animation used for the three narrators, and a very crude animation used for the long distance lovers that greatly reminded me of It's Such a Beautiful Day.

In my opinion the best part of the film was the conversations between the narrators. The director chose not to cut out the banter between them and even left in mistakes that they made telling the story. The actual story of Sita was where all of the musical number took place, and I was surprised to see that there was no original music. All of the music in the film were songs sung by Annette Hanshaw in the 1920s. It was very interesting to see that there was an almost perfect Annette Hanshaw song for practically every event that takes place in the story. The New York couple was ok, but in my opinion, could have been cut out of the film completely.

I surprisingly found myself really enjoying Sita Sings the Blues. I thought it was a very original, unique, and creative idea for a film, and it was very fun to watch. The story was interesting, the songs were fun, and animation was great. This film is absolutely worth a watch.

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What is it that makes The Big Lebowski so funny? Is it the brilliant script, the incredible characters, the great performances, or any of the other great things about this movie. The answer is all of the above, because The Big Lebowski is one of the only comedies that has all of these aspects.

The Big Lebowski is about a lazy, pot smoking, bowler, who, after a mistaken identity crisis, gets dragged into a confusing kidnapping case filled with nihilists, severed toes, and porn tycoons. Arguably the main strong point of the film are its incredible characters. The other Coen Brothers' films I really enjoy, Fargo and Burn After Reading have good character's too, but none of them stand out nearly as much. All of the characters are so over-exaggerated that they somehow become relatable. The other strong point is the incredible and hilarious script also written by the Coen Brothers. They are able to create scenes of dark comedy so well, that they are rivaled by no one.

The performances in this film are incredible for a comedy. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are especially good as The Dude and Walter Sobchak, two best friends who work together perfectly. The two have such great chemistry, that any scene with them together is already comedic gold.

There is no one specific reason that The Big Lebowski is funny. The brilliant characters, the brilliant script, the brilliant actors, the brilliant directing, I could go on and on. This is one of the biggest cult films of all time, and it deserves that status.

Woody Allen is a pedophille

Proof that Pinocchio is one of the greatest musicals of all time is that every time a song started, I knew all of the words, and this was my first time watching it. This was the second Disney feature ever made, and probably, the best.

Pinocchio is about an old woodcarver who has his wish granted when his wooden puppet, Pinocchio, becomes alive. He and his conscience Jiminy Cricket are then sent on a long journey away from home, and try to get their way back. Like what I said before, the music is what really turns this movie into a timeless classic. The songs are so well woven together with the actual story, that it never feels like the plot is being stopped for a song. The best out of all the songs is 'When you Wish upon a Star', probably the most iconic film song after 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'.

I wish that more animated movies were still made using 2D animation, because the animation in this film is some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. Another movie I watched for the Animated Musical HoF, Fantasia, was also a great example of incredible 2D animation. This might just be my opinion, but newer CG animated movies like Inside Out and Minions look boring and unoriginal, and it isn't very often that we get a beautiful CG animated movie like How to Train Your Dragon. I just think it would be great if 2D animation wasn't completely dead.

All of that aside, Pinocchio isn't just one of the greatest Disney movies ever, but also one of the best animated movies ever, and if you somehow haven't seen it by now, watch it.

Great review, it's nice to know that someone else is a huge fan of Pinocchio!