The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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At least there's material for another video this time, Sexy...
Get on it. And before New Year's so that can (maybe) be Post of the Year.

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When you do, check out the Movie Club discussion about it, complete with podcast featuring wintertriangles, rauldc14, and yours truly. It was a lot of fun.
Why wintertriangles and rauldc14? Why not Swan for that podcast?

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This one gives me the creeps
Why does everyone find Grace scary? Miss Vicky was creeped out by it, too. Is it the weird shots of things like her white-as-a-pearl teeth? The music? The physical transformations the girl goes through? The theme itself? What is it?

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If I recall correctly, he politely declined.
I guess because it's something he couldn't delete.

And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pool!
I've seen all four of the movies so far, but I didn't vote for any of them.

Surfs Up and A Bug's Life were good enough that I bought the DVDs, but not good enough to make my list.

I didn't really care much for the other two movies.

A Bug's Life was really close to going into my list but I just couldn't find space for it all. Very glad to see it made the list though. Tarzan in the other hand wouldn't have made it into my list, it simply did not make any difference, for me it's decent and enjoyable but nothing more.
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And yeah, we totally do that. Isn't that right, WT? But it's not just the two of us, there's a whole movement growing. Minio, Sane, bluedeed, Tokeza, and a few others too. We call it the "Vote for Foreign Movies in the Countdowns That Nobody Has Ever Heard of to Annoy Sexy Celebrity as Much as Possible Club." You can't beat us.
I thought Art House Mafia was a bit catchier but whatever

Not seen any of the first four. Disappointed that From Up on Poppy Hill missed out. Had it at number 14 on my list - it's a beautiful movie.

Exactly why is The Brave Little Toaster so popular around here anyway? I never even had heard of it before until here. I haven't seen it.

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awww yeah, Bug's Life rocked!!! I think it may have been the first computer animation I ever saw and I honestly think it should be a lot higher!!
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96. It's Such A Beautiful Day - Voting Stats

Total Points: 58
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with Frankenweenie and one other film, but had fewer votes than the other two.
3 Votes: 4th Place (22 pts.), 7th Place (19 pts.), 9th Place (17 pts.)
Special Note: It's Such A Beautiful Day (2012) nearly became an unintended casualty of the decision to allow shorts in the countdown. This feature film is a compilation of three of Hertzfeldt's shorts - Everything Will Be Okay, I Am So Proud Of You, and It's Such A Beautiful Day - seamlessly combined into one film. Between its three voters, it managed enough points to make the list, but two other voters gave points to Everything Will Be Okay instead.

* * *

95. Frankenweenie - Voting Stats

Total Points: 58
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, tied with It's Such A Beautiful Day and one other film, but more on that tomorrow.
4 Votes: 9th Place (17 pts.), 10th Place (16pts), 11th Place (15 pts.), 16th Place (10 pts.)

I had It's Such a Beautiful Day at #4

That is my 2nd highest placed movie that I saw in connection to making this list... 3 entries of my top 10 are films I hadn't seen before putting together my list and went on that animated rampage.

This really is a love or hate movie and many people would probably believe that 4 is way too high, but I just fell in love with it as soon as it began. I loved the crazy narrative, the insane and twisted ideas and thoughts, and the philosophical aspect of it. Also, the animation was indeed simple yet it felt so unique especially when mixed with live action at certain points. It was just one of those movies that caught me and didn't let go, therefore it's also one of those movies I just can't explain why I love so much.

Between its three voters, it managed enough points to make the list, but two other voters gave points to Everything Will Be Okay instead.
And I was one of these two. It's such a beautiful day as a combination missed my list (I would still consider it for a top30 or 35), I think the shorts work very well combined, but still there are marginal differences in quality among them; Everything will be Okay is the best, and my third favorite short film of all time. Anyway I'm really glad to see this entry in the list.

I was kind of offput by the idea of counting short and feature films together; it is something I had never done before, so ordering the stuff was quite difficult at times. And in general I think that votes for short films tend to be more dispersed, so they will probably end up being misrepresented in this top.