Cobpyth's Top 101 Favorite Feature Films

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I agree with every single thing you said about Casino; great but not as good as Goodfellas, Sharon Stone, etc. Gambling and casino films also interest me a great deal, as I am an ex-gambler. Great pick.

Surprisingly I haven't seen Casino yet, I will soon
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I love Casino. It is close to Goodfellas, but not quite. Though I enjoy THe Departed and After Hours more.

I love Casino. It is close to Goodfellas, but not quite. Though I enjoy THe Departed and After Hours more.
Wha? That's madness. Madness, I tells ya!

Casino is great, an excellent choice.
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74. In a Lonely Place (1950)

Bogart plays one of his best and most memorable roles in this stylish and very dark film noir, directed by Nicholas Ray.

In my opinion, this is one of the genre's best pictures. It's mysterious, it has a few twists, it's a great character study and it has one of those classic noir endings, where the viewer is left stunned because of how pessimistic and profound it is.
It's amazing to see how daring films were able to be back in Hollywood's golden age. I seriously challenge you to find a contemporary film with major Hollywood actors that is more pitch-black in terms of mood and outcome than this classic.

Furthermore, In a Lonely Place just contains everything I look for in a film. It has a classy and moody setting, it's tastefully directed, it has a couple of great performances, the story is interesting, it has some very memorable scenes and on top of that it also has my favorite actor of all time, Humphrey Bogart, in it.

An absolute must-see for all fans of the noir genre! Fantastic film.

P.S. The scene below is one of my favorite atmospheric film moments of all time.

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Looove Casino,I used to prefer Goodfellas but now I think that they are both equally great. Good choice
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Casino is fantastic movie. I actually enjoyed it more than GoodFella's.

In a Lonely Place is a great atmospheric movie, I expected it to be higher on this list.
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Finished here. It's been fun.
In a Lonely Place is great, I was not expecting the film to turn out the way it did. Its definitely one of the best film-noirs out there.

73. The Lost Weekend (1945)

The Lost Weekend is still one of the only two films that won both the highest award in Cannes and the Academy Award for best film (the other one is Marty). That actually says a lot about this great picture, as it is obviously experimental and extremely audacious for its time (Cannes), but still has that vintage class and classic feeling (Oscars) thanks to Wilder's tasteful directing and Ray Milland's brilliant performance (one of my personal favorites of all time).

To this day, this is still considered one of the best films of all time about severe alcoholism and I completely agree! It hasn't dated a bit and is still very relevant today. I'm a pretty 'consuming' alcohol drinker myself (although I wouldn't call myself an alcoholic as I don't need it and can stop drinking it for more than a month without having any real problems) and very much enjoy the student life, which is of course full of alcoholic adventures, but I've also experienced and seen some of its darker sides already. It makes you do stuff you don't really want to do and makes you extremely egocentric after a while. This film portrays that brilliantly and in a very insightful way and it shows why it's therefore an extremely dangerous drug to become addicted to.

I also just LOVE the title of this film. I mean, "The Lost Weekend", how freaking cool and poetic does that sound, right? I actually use it in real life. I love it just as much as the movie. A timeless classic.


You've heard my thoughts on Lost Weekend. Good film, but plenty better Wilder.