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  1. 08-09-16
    Rewatching Umberto D tonight then I'll send my list.
  2. 08-09-16
    Fifties list due tomorrow
  3. 12-08-14
    Yes, I'd be interested Yoda!
  4. 12-08-14
    Hi there. There are several lines of discussions in the "right not to pay for an abortion" thread, and it's kind of gone off track, in that it originally was about legality and government and not the issue of abortion itself. But I do want to give your questions the attention they deserve, so I'm leaving you this comment just to let you know that I did see them and am not ignoring them.

    I've argued this issue a lot in the past, so I can try to summarize my position (here or in PM), or I can link you to some older posts that answer the same question, if you're interested. Either way, I wanted you to receive a response of some kind.
Breathless   1/17/15
Overall Id say that for my personal liking the movie isnt that good, that its pretty empty and that its not th

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