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  1. 03-09-10
    I've been toying with moving 12 Angry Men to the first slot, but yes, Dial M is really a brilliant film. Strangely fun and lighthearted! Really love it.

    Glad you like the Lists; we'll definitely keep adding more! Not too often, because we're picky about it, but there'll definitely be more.
  2. 03-09-10
    What's up Rauldc! Welcome to mofo. Wondering if your name has any reference to Stargate?
Wedding Crashers   3/03/20
Obviously not a perfect movie but I usually rate movies based off of how entertaining they are and this is one

Finding Nemo   4/22/19
The great small characters are the icing on the cake, a great cast that voices all these sea creatures with Wi

Phantom Thread   1/24/18
The atmosphere created in the film gave the film a setup for a lot of tension in the second half of the film

The Florida Project   1/23/18
Despite what they've gone through Moonee and Halley have a great mother daughter bond as evidenced by those en

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