Phantom Thread   1/24/18
by rauldc14
Phantom Thread SPOILERS We all know just how leery I am of PTA. The first films of his I saw were The Master and Punch Drunk Love and I absolut...

The Florida Project   1/23/18
by rauldc14
The Florida Project SPOILERS This is a case of a film showing us that happiness can mean different things to different people. Most would think...

Manchester by the Sea   6/02/17
by rauldc14
Manchester by the Sea First I will apologize if this all seems a little incohesive but I wanted to give my full thoughts on Manchester by the S...

La La Land   1/10/17
by rauldc14
La La Land SPOILERS POTENTIALLY Just when I thought I saw the best movie of 2016 already (Manchester by the Sea), this movie comes and absolute...

The Shawshank Redemption   8/05/15
by rauldc14
Shawshank Redemption **I apologize if I end up be-bopping around a lot with this post as I am basically stating my ideas of why I love this fil...

Take Shelter   7/18/15
by rauldc14
Take Shelter-Potential Spoilers Every Hall of Fame that I have participated in has brought me a new favorite that I can watch over and over again. ...

The Dark Knight   6/16/15
by rauldc14
The Dark Knight In my attempt to watch the trilogy back to back to back, there was never a doubt that this is the lead dog of the three. Not on...

Sideways   2/16/15
by rauldc14
Sideways I've only seen Sideways twice (I just rewatched it), but it is probably Alexander Payne's best written film. It features two characters, M...

Fantastic Mr. Fox   10/08/14
by rauldc14
Fantastic Mr. Fox While I can't consider myself a Wes Anderson fan since this is only the second movie of his that I have seen, this film makes me ...

After Hours   7/22/14
by rauldc14
After Hours SPOILERS WITHIN This quirky comedy has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw it for The second MOFO Hall of Fame. Griffin Dunne play...

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