Phantom Thread   1/24/18
by rauldc14
The atmosphere created in the film gave the film a setup for a lot of tension in the second half of the film.

The Florida Project   1/23/18
by rauldc14
The scene with him running the pedo off the property was a memorable scene, as was him talking to Moonee at the end.

Manchester by the Sea   6/02/17
by rauldc14
Obviously with the writing and screenplay being a major force it wasn't necessarily imperative to have completely stellar performances for the film to work, but it's strong performances are what in my opinion is able to take the film to the next level.

La La Land   1/10/17
by rauldc14
So many skyline scenes with beautiful colors, and the backgrounds and settings used in the film were just simply stunning.

The Shawshank Redemption   8/05/15
by rauldc14
In getting back to iconic scenes, that prison break scene is my favorite scene of all time.

Take Shelter   7/18/15
by rauldc14
Every scene he is in is memorable and there may be no scene more powerful this decade than his Lions Club scene shouting there is a storm coming.

The Dark Knight   6/16/15
by rauldc14
He's a bit like Hannibal Lecter in the sense that he doesn't have a monstrous amount of screen time, but he packs a punch and makes every scene that he is in the best parts of the film.

Sideways   2/16/15
by rauldc14
The end scene seems to leave hope for Miles that Mia is a part of that.

Fantastic Mr. Fox   10/08/14
by rauldc14
Overall, it's an animated film that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, and that's what I really enjoy about the film.

After Hours   7/22/14
by rauldc14
It has a quick pace to it and I find rewatching the film making the film even more great than it already is.

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