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  1. 08-07-14
    Hey big guy, nice to see you still poking around. You still like the talkies I gather?
  2. 03-20-14
    Nice banner.
  3. 03-06-14
    Hey hey, don't forget to confirm your favorite movies (so you get the posters on your profile) and upload a profile banner. Makes the profile all pretty and whatnot.
  4. 05-07-12
    Meat man! What's up?
The Dark Knight Rises   7/28/12
Once Batman comes back and punches Bane's head off, Talia (the worst character in Batman history) stabs him in...

Howard the Duck   5/26/11
All the entire time he keeps making sex jokes because the movie is for little kids and then he gets knocked th...

The Producers   5/15/11
Then Scary Man and Wonka real mad because they mad now...

Vertigo   5/10/11
The point of this movie is to make green screens actually look good back in the dinosaur times...

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