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  1. 02-04-20
    Thanks for your well wishes! I was busy with university and thus absent from movie forums for much of the latter half of the decade. Indian cinema has been my recent fascination, favorites of the decade would include Drishyam (2013), Vada Chennai (2018) and Ee ma yau (2018).
  2. 09-24-19
  3. 05-27-19
    Ditto. I actually went and queued it up after I made that comment. That laugh of his just puts me in stitches.
  4. 05-24-19
    Awesome avatar. I approve.
Oppenheimer   8/08/23
All come together for a nearly perfect film that I truly believe everyone should watch in their life

Beau Is Afraid   4/25/23
& while the film delivered several laughs for the whole theater (and others for a select few) sometimes I wond

All Quiet on the Western Front   2/10/23
Overall it's a great war film- which shows the true horrors at a level I haven't witnessed since Come and See

Women Talking   2/02/23
The film asks many serious questions and never tries to stand on a moral high ground

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