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Oppenheimer (Nolan, 2023)

Between this most recent release, and Interstellar Christopher Nolan has established himself as one of the all-time great directors. Many will tell me this happened as early as Memento, and while I appreciate most of his early works nothing was nearly as ambitious and thought-provoking as these two epics.

Oppenheimer is brilliant in nearly every aspect. The dual storytelling , the amazing non-special effects (all truly created), the writing, and artistic vision. All come together for a nearly perfect film that I truly believe everyone should watch in their life. Perhaps my favorite thing about Oppenheimer is it trusts the audience to gather her own conclusions. Allowing your experience, world views, and intelligence to draw what you find relevant in this film - but also is bold enough that anyone who's not completely dense will challenge themselves. Hollywood rarely puts such trust in its audience

A few of the smaller critiques I think were missing in the presentation. I wouldn't even bring these up if I didn't consider Oppenheimer a nearly perfect film
1. Show the graphic scenes of what the bomb caused in the presentation. I believe the audience should be made as aware as the Manhattan Crew of the pain caused. Perhaps this was cut so no ones munchies would be ruined, as they're gobbling popcorn. This is certianly a made for theaters epic
2. I'd mention Pearl Harbor, I've heard the arguments against it. "this is a bomb movie, not a war movie". But Truman did not simply chose to drop the bombs on a dying off Japanese force. In many ways the hand was pushed. I think this discounts the role Japan played, for an international audience who may not have all the context.

Go to theaters, and watch this film. Watch is again when it's released. Absorb. We are in a moment of Hollywood brilliance