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Beau Is Afraid

Beau Is Afraid (2023, Aster)

I'll start by saying- I quite enjoyed this three-hour surrealistic fiasco of a film. As a major Aster fan, I'll start with where I'm critical of his most recent piece.

From the start there's a lot going on here.. yet somehow through all the craziness it never feels overwhelming and often on-beat with the humor. & while the film delivered several laughs for the whole theater (and others for a select few) sometimes I wondered how much comedy was necessary. I think Aster wondered this himself, as it often feels that this work rarely knows how seriously to take itself. While covering serious topics of family relationships, post partum depression, sexual ineptness there is often a childlike obsession of penises and sex. Almost south park-esque in its juvenility. It was funny- but perhaps it took away from the fear that was earlier so well captured

The film can be divided into three primary acts;
I: The city
II: The woods
III: The home

The first is especially sinister & intense, keeping a constant sense of horror, confusion, and fear. I was just as afraid as Beau. The Woods holds a similar intensity.. where for a split moment it may seem Beau has found a sanctuary. But suddenly the suburbs aren't any safer than the freakish city after all. At least Im the city you're safe in your bed

By the third act much of the fear goes away, and the absurdity increases. A few questions are answered, and some hilarious moments. Kangaroo court was an all time classic.

Overall I'd say this is his worst feature. Hereditary being my favorite & Midsommar in the middle. But with this being feature #3 Aster sure is delivering a spectacular filmography for all of us