Oppenheimer   8/08/23
by donniedarko
All come together for a nearly perfect film that I truly believe everyone should watch in their life.

Beau Is Afraid   4/25/23
by donniedarko
& while the film delivered several laughs for the whole theater (and others for a select few) sometimes I wondered how much comedy was necessary.

All Quiet on the Western Front   2/10/23
by donniedarko
Overall it's a great war film- which shows the true horrors at a level I haven't witnessed since Come and See .

Women Talking   2/02/23
by donniedarko
The film asks many serious questions and never tries to stand on a moral high ground.

M3GAN   1/08/23
by donniedarko
Maybe I'm just coming off watching Manchester by the Sea, which coincidentally follows a similar macro-plot, but man is this film under-acted.

Manchester by the Sea   1/07/23
by donniedarko
I have a wide range of thoughts on this film that I'm struggling to put into words, so excuse me if this is a bit rambly.

Avatar 2   12/28/22
by donniedarko
Between my low volume of film watching and general pessimism, it will likely be five more.

The Batman   3/14/22
by donniedarko
I've never been the biggest fan of comic book films but I did always find The Dark Knight , TDK Rises & The Joker fairly compelling special films.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things   1/09/21
by donniedarko
It's been some time since I've been compelled to jot some thoughts down after watching a film, but here I am.

The Florida Project   6/08/18
by donniedarko
This ain't a blue collar film, or one of the working class, this film portrays the no collar.

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