The Florida Project   6/08/18
by donniedarko
Sean Baker's The Florida Project is an innovative film, brilliantly bringing the audience into the lives of the poor American.

The Silence of the Lambs   1/14/18
by donniedarko
When I first saw this film I found it one of the most disturbing films ever, I've probably watched a fair 50-70 films since then that make this look soft, however there are still scenes here that are hard to shake.

Moonlight   1/10/18
by donniedarko
The underlying questions of the film come from personal identity, how much we create to fit in with our environment and how much is an unchangeable nature.

The Look of Silence   9/05/16
by donniedarko
This films take a micro look, to explore a micro impact, with sometimes forced overtones of statements on humanity.

Scarlet Street   7/10/16
by donniedarko
I immediately felt great admiration for this film with the realism of the characters, which is something that is often lacking in not only film noir but most films of this era.

Youth   6/04/16
by donniedarko
I'd argue that Youth is an even more grandiose and avant-garde film watching experience than either of those films though.

Insomnia   7/29/15
by donniedarko
I knew what would happen at the end of each scene from the initial entrance, I pretty much knew how the whole film would play out after the first 25 minutes.

Good Morning   7/19/15
by donniedarko
The only other Ozu film I've seen was released in the same year as this charming comedy- Floating Weeds.

Knife in the Water   6/06/15
by donniedarko
Especially the knife, which is just as essential to the film as any of the characters.

Fantastic Planet   5/30/14
by donniedarko
My thoughts are somewhat scattered from my viewing of Fantastic Planet, the film starts off suave as hell with the electronic score and the opening film title:

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