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  1. 10-28-20
    After several attempts I finally managed to get Baby Yods to hold a bauble.
  2. 10-27-20

    Looks like I'm about to listen to a song called "Chill D F**k Out," so I assumed it was okay. Just wanted to double-check.

    Also sorry for stirring up drama and possibly striking a nerve with you in relation to your trade. I was simply voicing my frustrations, which don't lie with you but the people who keep shortchanging themselves --- in my opinion, of course --- in these trade deals. I'll feel bad if you guys actually cancel the trade.
  3. 10-27-20
    Quick question: Is it okay if I nominate songs with explicit lyrics? It's never been an issue in the past, but you've never participated in one of these tournaments before, so maybe we've just been getting away with it. I'm about to nominate such a song if it's cool.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   2/17/18
But the best version of a Quentin Tarantino film is, even wh

The Avengers   5/14/12
I saw The Avengers at the tail end of one of the Marvel Movie Marathons across the country, an exhaustiliratin

Moneyball   11/05/11
Regardless of what happened on the field, the ideas depicted in this film have won out so overwhelmingly that

Rise of the Planet of the Apes   8/18/11
This is a character-centric story where the animals have more humanity than most other films' humans

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