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  1. 01-10-23
    Interesting that 2 films from R. Scott, Carpenter and Scorsese each are in your top movies.
  2. 07-05-20
    Yeah I know mate. Yoda mucked things up by mistake while changing some code. I'll get round to it.
  3. 02-02-20
    Starting a New Movie Trivia game welcome to play
  4. 12-06-19
Dawn of the Dead   10/26/19
Dawn of the Dead ultimately ends up drawing more from Night of the Living Dead by throwing together a sizeable

Zombieland: Double Tap   10/19/19
Most zombie films will take it for granted that everyone who survives a decade into the zombie apocalypse will

Hell Fest   10/15/19
I'm not sure how many horror movies I've seen that take place on the grounds of amusement parks (whether of th

Christine   10/14/19
It certainly has one very slow build-up that made me question if this revisit was worth it, but it's only once

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