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  1. 08-23-17
    I can't post pics cos of a tech problem, various members have tried assisting me but the minute i press 'upload'to post a pic it just disappears☺
  2. 04-06-17
    Thanks; done.
  3. 03-27-17
    Goodbye, Cobpyth! Nice man you are.
  4. 02-15-17
    I think it happened when I switched your usergroup. Try again in a few minutes.
The Beach Bum   7/14/19
Looking at the ratings, it seems like many people disagree with me (just like Spring Breakers, this film will ...

Tokyo Story   12/27/16
Instead of being told the message, Tokyo Story makes us feel the message, but that's only half of why the film...

Nights of Cabiria   4/11/15
I mainly want to talk about the film's content and especially the meaning and implications of the film's brill...

An Autumn Afternoon   2/17/15
I'm curious how I'll like Ozu's black and white films (the next film of his I'm going to watch is probably the...

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