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An Autumn Afternoon

An Autumn Afternoon (1962)

I'm speechless. This film was simply brilliant. I've never seen anything remotely like it. It's so perfectly structured and yet completely refreshing the whole time. Man, what a film. I'm totally stunned.

I'm curious how I'll like Ozu's black and white films (the next film of his I'm going to watch is probably the famous Tokyo Story), because -besides the unsurpassed framing and the meticulously paced editing rhythm- the use of colors in this film is one of the reasons why I loved this so much.

I also just really loved the story, the environment and the characters of this film. It's such a warm, rich, gentle, light, funny (I laughed quite a lot actually) and yet very melancholic film. I could barely hold back my tears anymore at the end. It's been a very long time since a film had such a profound effect on me.

After the film was over, I just stared at my screen and said "wow" a couple of times. Thank you, mr. Ozu. This film reminds me why I love cinema so much.


Be sure to watch this film for the upcoming '60s list!