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“Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”
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  1. 2 Days Ago
    I have all of my photos for that HoF, too. Actually, I have ALL of the photos for both of the HoFs that I hosted (the Musical Artist and Silent Film). I could add them all back in very easily.

    I have never attached a photo here before. I tried it just now with the countdown thread and it worked fine. Simpleton that I am, that was quite a thrill that it actually worked! It seems to me that the last time I tried to do it, it just didn't cooperate with me (this was awhile ago - so it was the last time Photobucket was giving me issues and I wanted to try something different - I don't remember specifics anymore). I suppose that is why I didn't consider attaching that photo before you mentioned it. I just thought I had bad luck uploading them. Well, it is either that or I am just stupid.

    Will you want me to let you know when I have a good amount of photos ready for the countdown then?
  2. 3 Days Ago
    I was going to mention this to you this week, in fact. I lost all the photos in the HoF, too. I am not too worried about those. The countdown was the problem. I only had that one image on that thread. It was still the point of the matter that that one was gone, though. And I do still have it.
  3. 3 Days Ago
    Hey just got a white screen and this message - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR, expect in /home/movieforums/public_html/community/includes/class_bbcode.php on line 1969

    It happened once yesterday too but i just ignored it. No big deal it went away as soon as i refreshed just thought you should know in case it's an actual problem with something.
  4. 4 Days Ago
    I accepted the offer again, but if you want to that's fine.
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