The Exterminating Angel   8/07/14
by the samoan lawyer
Certainly one of the best films from the sixties, The Exterminating Angel deserves to be watched with no prior skepticism.A film best summarised by Bunuel himself in, the best explanation of this film is that, from the standpoint of pure reason, there is no explanation.

In Cold Blood   7/30/14
by the samoan lawyer
Hauntingly filmed in black and white, with sensational cinematography, (particularly the scene with Perry discussing his childhood, whilst the rain on the window reflects his tears) In Cold Blood is a compelling and emotional portrayal of a shocking story.

Black Christmas   6/13/14
by the samoan lawyer
That is, until one of the sorority girls goes missing and along with another young girl reported missing, a search party is initiated.

Inside   6/11/14
by the samoan lawyer
As part of the youthful New Wave of French horror, l'int eur, is an extreme, gory and twisted film, shot on a typically low budget.

Sorry, Wrong Number   6/10/14
by the samoan lawyer
Containing superb cinematographyand fantastic performances from both Stanwyck and Lancaster, this is a nerve-racking film that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Rosemary's Baby   5/16/14
by the samoan lawyer
Released in 1968, this truly terrifying film effortlessly stands the test of time.

Falling Down   4/25/14
by the samoan lawyer
Joel Schumachers crime drama, Falling Down, stars Michael Douglas in the lead role of William Foster, a man hell bent on getting to his estranged daughters birthday party, at any cost.

Hour of the Wolf   4/24/14
by the samoan lawyer
The film is set on a modest, harsh looking island, whereJohan, played by Max Von Sydow, has sought refuge, along with his wife Alma(Liv Ullman).

The Night of the Hunter   4/15/14
by the samoan lawyer
Alongside Shelley Winters, the film is loosely based on a truestory, as he attempts to romance the unsuspecting widow and steal the hiddenmoney.

To Catch a Thief   4/14/14
by the samoan lawyer
Whilst not the most powerful of Hitchcock films, To Catch a Thief is a fun,riveting, piece of cinema.

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