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Falling Down

Joel Schumacherís crime drama, Falling Down, stars Michael Douglas in the lead role of William Foster, a man hell bent on getting to his estranged daughterís birthday party, at any cost. Although this may be a crime-drama film with plenty of action, it is also a very powerful, emotiona lfilm exhibiting one manís life completely dismantling.

Laid off from his job and with an ex-wife armed with a restraining order to keep him away from her and their daughter, Fosterís frustration begins on a sweltering hot L.A day in traffic, when the in car air con fails. This sparks a chain of events that Foster converts into obstacles. These obstacles that are preventing him from making his daughterís party are all faced with violence and confrontation. With Robert Duvall expertly (as ever) playing the role of Sergeant Prendergast, hot on the trail of Foster, how can the psychotic behaviour of our anti hero be stopped peacefully? And will he make his daughterís party?

Michael Douglas gives the performance of his career in this tense portrait of just an average man, pushed beyond breaking point, a man that shares the same thoughts as you, only he acts them out!!