Kong: Skull Island   3/11/17
by skizzerflake
As veterans of many Kong movies, what we already know, is that Kong is just trying to protect his island, and is the least scary of the creatures.

Get Out   3/01/17
by skizzerflake
Get Out is a horror movie of sorts, in particular a racial horror movie.

A Cure for Wellness   2/18/17
by skizzerflake
It doesnt use the usual horror movie scares and monsters, but delves into the 19th century weirdness like the original novel of Frankenstein and Dracula, that spawned 20th century horror and the classic Universal Studios movies and all their German Expressionist imagery.

Split   2/04/17
by skizzerflake
At the end, Bruce Willis appears for a few seconds, giving hints that his character from early Shyamalan movie, Unbreakable, might be playing into some sort of sequel that combines that character with the outcome of Split.

Nocturnal Animals   12/10/16
by skizzerflake
On the plus side, the purpose of the movie is not really characters but suspense and pacing, which the movie does really well.

Manchester by the Sea   12/03/16
by skizzerflake
The movie is slow, seems longer than its 2 hour and 15 minute run time, but it seems appropriate to the story and the characters, for whom life often is a labor.

Allied   11/26/16
by skizzerflake
My problem with the movie is that I cant get past how much of the visual set up in Casablanca looks like the old movie Casablanca, even down to the night club.

Arrival   11/12/16
by skizzerflake
The movie archetype for movies with benign aliens is the still excellent The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), in which an impeccably proper English speaking alien, Klaatu (Michael Rennie), brings hope to earth and is greeted with suspicion and violence.

The Accountant   11/05/16
by skizzerflake
On the other hand, its dense and complicated to a fault, too labyrinthine for a movie that basically is about Wolff using a big gun to shoot lots and lots of bad guys from a long distance.

Dark City   11/01/16
by skizzerflake
Dark City is one of those movies I have to come back to now and again, this time after I accidentally broke my DVD copy and had to go on a quest for a Blue Ray version to replace it.

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