Demon   9/30/16
by skizzerflake
Demon - AKA, My Big Fat Demonic Polish Wedding

Sully   9/24/16
by skizzerflake
The movie mainly tells that story, the media circus that surrounded Sully, the subsequent investigation and the impact on Sullenberger and his crew.

Snowden   9/17/16
by skizzerflake
The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Snowden, Shailene Woodley as his girlfriend Lindsay Mills, Rhys Ifans as Snowdens CIA handler and Melissa Leo and Zachary Quinto as reporters working with Snowden.

Café Society   8/29/16
by skizzerflake
Theres a lot of words in the movie, and you should listen carefully, because most of the virtue of the movie is in the writing.

Florence Foster Jenkins   8/13/16
by skizzerflake
This movie takes an abbreviated look at this genuinely bizarre story, starting at the Carnegie Hall event.

Don't Think Twice   8/08/16
by skizzerflake
I dont know anything about Birbiglia, dont know if theres any autobiographical element to the story and dont know how the movie germinated, but that doesnt really matter because the movie becomes a believable story about approaching middle age, the realization that not all dreams come true and the d...

Jason Bourne   7/30/16
by skizzerflake
Neither Jason Bourne as a character, nor Jason Bourne as a movie are big favorites of mine, but I was suitably breathless and entertained for the duration and thats about as much as you can expect from an action movie franchise like this.

The Wave   7/29/16
by skizzerflake
This movie was the most popular movie in Norway back in 2015, won some awards there as well as being nominated for several American awards.

Star Trek Beyond   7/25/16
by skizzerflake
There was the original 1960s TV show, the film series based on the original show, the later Next Generation shows and the movies based on the next generation.

Ghostbusters   7/16/16
by skizzerflake
The original movie had four elements that made it likable, the buddy story, the ghost hunt story, the New York setting and the understated comedy elements.

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