Better Watch Out   10/12/17
by Swan
It sets itself up as a standard home invasion film, and in the hands of sophomore filmmaker Chris Peckover, who injects the film with care and enthusiasm, that might have been enough.

Alice in Wonderland   5/20/16
by Swan
And the whole time I watched it, I kept thinking back to when I watched Lady and the Tramp not too long ago.

Love & Mercy   1/15/16
by Swan
I think what I love most about the film is the very gentle portrayal of people with mental illness.

Goodnight Mommy   9/28/15
by Swan
I thought the film would be exactly the kind of film I like: a surreal, dark, twisted tale with a broad story and little plot.

Mud   5/27/15
by Swan
I know a lot of films do this well, but for the past couple of years I had thought I lost the ability to really care for film characters like he makes me care for them - to the point where I'm entranced by their every move.

Take Shelter   5/24/15
by Swan
Take Shelter is an incredibly, profoundly moving film for me on a deeply personal level, and I now regard it as my favorite film of all-time.

Pontypool   2/08/15
by Swan
I recently watched Alyce Kills, which I felt was the opposite a film that, as it went on, just got worse and worse.

Primer   1/05/15
by Swan
When talking about films that I personally connect with, Primer is one of the first films that come to my mind.

Alien   9/04/14
by Swan
The reproductive system of the creature adds to its complexity, and the film also deals symbolically with our own reproductive system I love catching these little metaphors in the film (the obvious phallic design of the creature, umbilicus clear, when they are looking at the tracking device to follow Dallas as he searches for the creature and it looks similar to a sperm going to an egg, to name a few).

Under the Skin   5/19/14
by Swan
Over the course of the film, she discovers emotion, sympathy, desire, and in this way there is a newfound humanity in her.

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