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(Bruce McDonald, 2008)

Pontypool blew me away. It was absolutely stunning. I was captivated Ė at the climax I literally had to sit up, the definition of ďedge-of-your-seatĒ. Itís been so long since Iíve had this kind of experience with a movie. I thought I never would have. But Pontypool, this little underseen horror flick from 2008 came along with little expectations from me, and absolutely rocked my world.

It wouldnít have been possible if the cast didnít kicked ass. Stephen McHattie owns this film as Grant Mazzy. This movie will no doubt become something of a cult classic, and its star will no doubt be the icon. The two gorgeous actresses, Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly, are nothing short of great in their own right. I totally bought into all their performances. After a while, I forgot I was watching a movie.

Iím probably going to be in the minority on this. While the film seems to be well-received among horror fans, the general public doesnít seem as enthralled for some reason. I was talking to my oldest sister about it today, in fact, and the impression I got was that while she liked it, she wasnít blown away like I ended up being. She called it ďtoo talky,Ē which I thought was a weird criticism. But I thought I would have to find out for myself.

The film takes place entirely in one building, a radio station, and it is pretty much all talk. This is funny and ironic if youíve seen the film. The way they play with the talky one-room scenario weíve seen more than a few times is absolutely genius. I donít want to spoil anything, but I was quite taken by the script and itís execution.

Itís a great example of a film getting progressively better, too. I recently watched Alyce Kills, which I felt was the opposite Ė a film that, as it went on, just got worse and worse. This was different. As it started, I expected maybe a 3.5 film. As it kept going, it began creeping up to a 4, then eventually went all the way up to 5 with the stunning climax.

Iím just not crazy about a lot of modern horror films. My dad buys a lot of them, these new movies that come out and are no good, and I used to watch them with him. Those, as well as most of what comes to theatersÖ horror seems to have lost a bit of steam. But every once in a while, something great comes along, something like Pontypool. Maybe Iím too hard on modern horror. After this one, I certainly would like to seek out more of those newer horror ventures that are respectfully rated by horror hounds. Because, like I said, every once in a while something good, or even great, comes along.

Back to what I was saying about being in the minority. If my glowing review gets people to watch it, I have a feeling they will like it but wonít be absolutely gobsmacked by it. I hope Iím wrong and thatís not the case Ė Iíd love for people to love this movie like I loved it. I would love to do a commentary on it, perhaps. But if not, I will have no problem watching this gripping and fantastic film by myself.