Beasts of the Southern Wild   9/07/16
by Citizen Rules
The qualms I have with the film comes out of my awe for the film and my desire to have it be the film I would have wanted to see.

Beasts of the Southern Wild   8/05/16
by MovieMeditation
There is so much to love and admire in this film and the story arc of going through different worlds and witnessing different angles of it all is way beyond the written word seeing the lower class collide with the upper class, observation collide with knowledge, fantasy collide with reality and culture collide with nature all of this is intellectually and visually stimulating and it is a prime example of which incredible things can happen when mind collide with movie...

Beasts of the Southern Wild   5/23/15
by Iroquois
Of course, it doesn't make for an especially compelling film despite some interesting images scattered throughout the film and as such it just ends up being a rather average example of independent American cinema.

Beasts of the Southern Wild   2/05/13
by Schimo
Beasts of the Southern Wild is the story of a little girl, Hushpuppy, and her father, Wink who's getting sicker everyday, their life in the Bathtub, a community outside of modern civilization, a natural disaster in the form of floods that hit the Bathtub and the enforced independence of small Hushpuppy.

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