Before Sunrise   6/08/22
by Gideon58
Five time Oscar nominated director and screenwriter Richard Linklater originally knocked it out of the park with 1995's Before Sunrise, a lyrical and unconventional love story that examines the concept of love at first sight from a twisted angle that fascinates from opening to closing credits.

Before Sunrise   6/10/21
by Citizen Rules
Damn, now I got that 1980s pop song stuck in my head...Which is kind of apt, because talk, talk, talk, talk is all this insipid couple did during the movie.

Before Sunrise   3/11/19
by KeyserCorleone
Not your typical romance movie, Before Sunrise is about the 24 hours spent in one vacationing day in Vienna by an American guy and a French girl who meet on a train, need to catch a new train the next day, and roam around Vienna exchanging philosophies of life, love and philosophy.

Before Sunrise   7/09/15
by MovieMeditation
Now when the movie is missing action and major turning points for the characters, it is the actual monologues and interactions between Jessie and Celine, which makes this movie interesting and also what we ultimately judge the movie on.

Before Sunrise   4/10/13
by seanc
What is not simplistic is the wonderful characters, and exceptional dialogue in Linklater's film.

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