Man of Steel   7/16/16
by BraedenG33
Superman was barely in control of himself, still learning what he could truly do with his powers and learning how far he'd have to go to stop Zod (ultimately dealing with a crushing moral decision of choosing to save a family at the expense of Zod, a reasonable choice but also a poignant one, as he ...

Man of Steel   4/07/15
by Iroquois
I'll also cop to the fact that the effects work on display is really good (though of course this was always going to be an effects film, but it's nice to see good effects straight after seeing Superman IV).

Man of Steel   2/26/14
by Masterman
Man Of Steel showed just how powerful his planet was, it showed how powerful his family where!, not like the original movies barbie and ken parents.

Man of Steel   2/17/14
by JayDee
Aesthetically they achieved the 'look' with a decent degree of success (Cavill's physique and Weta's visual effects respectively) but I found both the Superman character and the film as a whole to be completely lacking in any sense of warmth, heart, wit, humour or just good old fun.

Man of Steel   6/25/13
by Frightened Inmate No. 2
Henry Cavill was fine as Superman.

Man of Steel   6/21/13
by The Rodent
I'd like to see the faces of those slamming Man Of Steel if they'd included a scene like that in this film There are also a few action scenes that seem to have come from the original Christopher Reeve films Superman The Movie and Superman II...

Man of Steel   6/16/13
by The Gunslinger45
Yes Henry Cavill looks like Superman a lot more then the emo Superman done by Brandon Routh, but this man failed to make Superman his role in this remake.

Man of Steel   6/16/13
by TheUsualSuspect
From that moment on the film feels less like a Superman film and more like an Alien Invasion movie and I feel like that was their intention.

Man of Steel   6/15/13
by seanc
Snyder spends the first hour of the film trying to make us connect with Superman.

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