Michael Clayton   2/18/15
by Iroquois
This is a fairly standard legal conspiracy that involves a lot of tough-talking, icy cities with seedy underbellies, callous characters who are willing to kill for their interests and a plot that's aiming for just the right amount of convolution so it's neither predictable or uninteresting.

Michael Clayton   3/01/08
by meatwadsprite
Story : As most of you know , I really enjoy movies with straight-forward stories with original themes - this movie is anything but.

Michael Clayton   2/26/08
by Lennon
How else can I put it, I loved Michael Clayton. The most obvious reason that really stuck out to me that was very well done was Oscar-nominee Tony Gilroy’s directing, for a first-timer it was amazing.

Michael Clayton   2/24/08
by BobbyB
I don't know how to elaborate anymore on the story without letting you experience it yourself and feeling the mystery. Still, I definitely recommend it.

Michael Clayton   10/15/07
by Yoda
The film stars George Clooney as the titular Michael Clayton.

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