Falling Down   4/02/16
by Gideon58
We then meet Prendergast (Robert Duvall), a veteran LAPD desk jockey who was actually stuck in the same traffic jam with Bill, on his way to begin his final day of work as an LA cop, who keeps accidentally bumping into clues about what Bill is doing, which motivate him to get from behind his desk an...

Falling Down   5/03/15
by Carbs
But I think the real victory here, is managing to slowly peel the layers back in a way that you can almost miss if you're caught just looking at the surface.

Falling Down   1/15/15
by doubledenim
Falling Down is possibly Michael Douglas's best performance.

Falling Down   4/25/14
by the samoan lawyer
Joel Schumachers crime drama, Falling Down, stars Michael Douglas in the lead role of William Foster, a man hell bent on getting to his estranged daughters birthday party, at any cost.

Falling Down   4/19/14
by Jack1
Michael Douglas considers this his favorite performance of all the movies he has been.

Falling Down   7/27/13
by JayDee
It's a compelling, thought-provoking film featuring a colossal showing from Michael Douglas as a man mired in despair and desperation.

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