Casino Royale   3/22/16
by 4ACES
Still, Casino Royale is an excellent film, the kind of Bond film that was needed in 2006 when the Brosnan films had grown too outlandish for their own good.

Casino Royale   12/01/10
by MovieMad16
With amazing acting , story telling , directing , score and stuntwork , Casino Royale is a pitch perfect bond film that will be remembered for years to come.

Casino Royale   4/15/08
by meatwadsprite
Synopsis : A so-so movie , isn't worth seeing if your looking for the next great action film - due to it's lack of character depth and boring action scenes.

Casino Royale   9/14/07
by The Gnat
This, I thought, was probably the best Bond film that I have seen, and while I don't believe that I've quite seen all of them, I have seen the vast majority, I thought that this one did many things better then most.

Casino Royale   1/31/07
by TheUsualSuspect
I enjoyed the action scenes and the films really tops the charts as one of the best Bond films and of the year.

Casino Royale   11/28/06
by Officer 663
For the first time, the series has given us a new Bond that doesn't need to stand in Sean Connery's shadow, and [i]Casino Royale[/i] is easily the best entry in the series since the 60s.

Casino Royale   11/17/06
by Darth Stujitzu
Best Bond film in ages, more like the Bourne films in tone, but with added gloss.

Casino Royale   11/17/06
by Holden Pike
Happily, Casino Royale is a Bond reboot.

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