The Final Girls   2/15/16
by Sedai
There was also a surprisingly effective emotional component between Max and her Mom's character in the film, which adds a little more dimension to the plot and character development - this has the effect of elevating this film above stuff like the Scary Movie series, which relies solely on the satir...

The Final Girls   1/02/16
by Iroquois
They eventually clue into the fact that their only way out of the movie is to see it play through to the very end, which becomes a problem when Farmiga wants to save Akerman from the machete-wielding murderer even though, inside the world of Camp Bloodbath, Akerman is actually playing her movie-with...

The Final Girls   11/04/15
by TheUsualSuspect
One character in particular, a Randy Meeks os horror films, is the perfect opportunity to connect the film characters with the viewer at home.

The Final Girls   10/25/15
by ursaguy
The movie within the movie is called Camp Bloodbath, an 80's slasher flick that is specifically a parody of the Friday the 13th movies, complete with a Kumbaya circle of summer camp counselors.

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