Maggie   6/25/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
It's pretty obvious Maggie's not gonna be quarantined, but the movie tries to convince you that could, could happen.

Maggie   6/05/16
by MovieMeditation
In the end, I still admire the attempt and the small hints of something greater, but I'm pretty sure this is a zombie flick that will stay dead in my memory and I have no plans of ever resurrecting it with a revisit in the future, but if ever, it would be for Arnold and Arnold alone its just a shame...

Maggie   8/15/15
by Iroquois
While the idea of a Schwarzenegger zombie movie would imply that it would result in a fairly standard film where he would mow down hordes of the undead, here I'm grateful that this instead tries to be a more contemplative drama.

Maggie   8/06/15
by Ikkegoemikke
However, I was impressed and felt that this film put the concept of a zombie movie into a very different light.

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