Black Panther   7/06/22
by CeeGee Reviews
Of the Marvel films, it is the most culturally significant of Marvel films and is hailed as a celebration of Black Culture and Black empowerment.

Black Panther   7/22/18
by Gideon58
T'Challa is the newly crowned king of an African kingdom called Wakanda whose guilt about the crown consumes him because he is only king because he was unable to prevent his father's death.

Black Panther   5/10/18
by TheUsualSuspect
Black Panther falls into the generic third act that all marvel films seem to believe in.

Black Panther   4/17/18
by dadgumblah
I'm glad they gave Black Panther his own film.

Black Panther   4/13/18
by KeyserCorleone
The secret civilization of Wakanda was not only a visual treat, but the explorations of the modern culture of Wakanda added a lot of heart to the story, as well as those aspects taken directly from Ancient Wakanda tradition, or taking influence from that culture.

Black Panther   3/31/18
by hoangstark
The first prologue of Black Panther provides enough historical exposition with a dusty visual style made unique to Wakanda.

Black Panther   2/19/18
by The Gunslinger45
Given that the Black Panther has a predominantly Black cast and a Black director, the much-anticipated film is being looked at in two lights.

Black Panther   2/17/18
by seanc
At the end of the day though I don't really watch these films for the thematic elements and because of the large bombastic nature of Marvel films the themes aren't going to ring very true for me.

Black Panther   2/17/18
by BroganMM
Hello all, I saw Black Panther last night in 3D and I just wanted to share my thoughts to see if anyone received the same message and what everyone thinks about the movie.

Black Panther   2/16/18
by yellowjacket1
Black Panther agrees but thinks that Wakanda should be better than the enemy and not sink to their level.

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