Black Panther   7/22/18
by Gideon58
The characters are pretty clear cut good guys and bad guys for the most part but one thing I loved about the characterizations here was the take on the female citizens of meek, seen but not heard housewives here...the female characters in this movie are soldiers, bad ass soldiers whose ...

Black Panther   5/10/18
by TheUsualSuspect
Black Panther falls into the generic third act that all marvel films seem to believe in.

Black Panther   4/17/18
by dadgumblah
The sequence where T'Challa / Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman} becomes KIng T'Challa and is challenged, from start to finish, was just splendid.

Black Panther   4/13/18
by KeyserCorleone
I've seen every one of the movies so far (of course most movie junkies probably have), so whether or not I had heard of Black Panther wasn't a factor into whether or not I'd see the movie.

Black Panther   3/31/18
by hoangstark
Some scenes are for showing off, with CGI destruction, like Shuri says, but Coogler's palatable sense of clarity and action direction emphasizes on impact and expression, making Black Panther distinguished among superhero movies.

Black Panther   2/19/18
by The Gunslinger45
Given that the Black Panther has a predominantly Black cast and a Black director, the much-anticipated film is being looked at in two lights.

Black Panther   2/17/18
by seanc
Black Panther work on that level and ends up falling somewhere in the middle of the Marvel pack.

Black Panther   2/17/18
by BroganMM
Hello all, I saw Black Panther last night in 3D and I just wanted to share my thoughts to see if anyone received the same message and what everyone thinks about the movie.

Black Panther   2/16/18
by yellowjacket1
Black Panther agrees but thinks that Wakanda should be better than the enemy and not sink to their level.

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