Underworld   5/26/15
by Iroquois
I know that The Matrix was an awesome film that redefined the action genre with its slick leather-clad aesthetic and fancy slow-motion gun violence, but when the first action sequence of your film involves not only both those factors but an awfully familiar-looking grimy subway setting (except tinge...

Underworld   8/05/12
by PeterVincent
Michael Sheen plays Lucian, the Lycan leader with a mysterious past, and Sheen plays it so well, you forget he's a villain.

Underworld   1/17/09
by TheUsualSuspect
The difference is that this so called horror film is not a horror film, it's actually a suspenseful action flick.

Underworld   8/29/04
by Prospero
I've seen better, I've seen worse. I was disappointed that it was mostly just gunplay.

Underworld   9/22/03
by thmilin
Though I'll never understand how a clan of vampires run by heads of state who are supposedly over a thousand years old have a figurehead who's frickin American (a cowardly boor, to boot), the film as a whole was quite enjoyable.

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