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Well I did the Resident Evil's, so lets do a similar series...a series I actually will admit I enjoy.

Underworld was a movie that popped up in 2004, it starred Kate Beckinsale (the reason I hit puberty) and Scott Speedman. Also supporting was Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy.

The movie focuses around Selene, a death dealer for the vampire clan, and she has one job and one job only, to hunt Lycan's (basically werewolves). After unraveling a Lycan plot to capture a human names Michael Corvin, Selene finds herself in the middle of a much bigger battle or something.

The movie is filled with flaws, primarily it's pace, it stammers around places and director Len Wiseman continuously uses slow-mo, though I have to admit, when Michael Sheen does that flip off the car in slow-mo...I was entertained. Also Scott Speedman is annoying at every turn, he whines and pouts and drags down the character of Selene.

The best things about the movie are probably Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen. Bill Nighy plays Viktor, one of the vampire elders, and from the moment he appears, covered in prosthetics, he rips apart the scenery with his over-the-top performance. Michael Sheen plays Lucian, the Lycan leader with a mysterious past, and Sheen plays it so well, you forget he's a villain.

Overall Underworld is a dodgy, low-budget, cheesy film. It's filled with wolf puppets and over-the-top nonsense, it's pace is horrible and most of the supporting cast (usually the vampire's) suck (no pun intended). However the backstory and primary performances are strong, as is the overall feel of the movie. Plus you have to admit, when Beckinsale was trapped and made a hole with her guns...that was a highlight, and it's that type of ridiculously entertaining action that makes the movie somewhat enjoyable.