Mission: Impossible - Fallout   7/27/18
by PeterVincent
However, none of these ever truly captured that unreachable green light that Ricky held in his hands when he talked about the first time he saw that movie,

Doctor Strange   10/27/16
by PeterVincent
As a fan of the character (one of the few times I've read almost everything I can before seeing the movie), I enter Doctor Strange with a little bias.

Star Trek Beyond   7/20/16
by PeterVincent
The film goes for a much smaller scale than previous films in the new series.

Avengers: Age of Ultron   4/22/15
by PeterVincent
Hopefully a rewatch will make the experience even better, but until then Age of Ultron is a spectacular time, but it isn't as good as the previous MCU film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy   8/01/14
by PeterVincent
If Transformers: Age of Extinction was a film that masturbated AT you, then Guardians of the Galaxy is the film that masturbated WITH you.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes   7/09/14
by PeterVincent
The film succeeds mainly through it's ability to invest you in the most unlikely of characters, and even the ones that aren't in the movie enough to be related to or noticed as a major plot point (such as Gary Oldman) have their brief moments of relatable emotion and circumstance (such as the scene ...

X-Men: Days of Future Past   5/25/14
by PeterVincent
Moulding the original trilogy cast and the First Class cast together flawlessly, Bryan Singer's valiant return to the X-Men franchise succeeds tremendously in making the series feel as exciting, fresh, and wonderful as the first two films and the First Class entry, reminding us that this indeed Sing...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2   4/17/14
by PeterVincent
Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a homerun for the Spider-Man series, it sets up everything for future films, be them Spider-Man-based or villain-based.

Winter's Tale   2/15/14
by PeterVincent
The score is heartwarming and is co-scored by Hans Zimmer, of course, a man who never fails to deliver something memorable and on a technical level the film is quite interesting to behold, almost similar to Cloud Atlas in the way it made the best of a 'bad situation', and by that I refer to it's bud...

An Adventure in Space and Time   11/22/13
by PeterVincent
One scene in particular, was so perfectly crafted that it is possibly one of the best scenes in a film all year, and this is a TV-movie!

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