Gone Girl   6/27/16
by Gideon58
As this story slowly unfolds over a thirty day period, we learn that Amy is a famous writer and that everything she and Nick shared was in her name and that Amy paid for the bar that he and his twin sister, Margo (Carrie Coon) run together.

Gone Girl   7/13/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
As you may have guessed, the film starts with the mysterious disappearance of Ben Affleck's wife, Amy.

Gone Girl   12/22/14
by MovieMeditation
David Fincher has also made the decision to remain in the same territory of genre throughout a big portion of his films, and while Gone Girl suggests a recognizable set-up, it is a different and far more experimental Fincher who comes out on the other side...

Gone Girl   10/18/14
by Jack1
Ben Affleck postponed directing a film in order to work with David Fincher.

Gone Girl   10/05/14
by Daniel M
David Fincher is a perfect match for the films mysterious plot, especially in the first half of the film which is filled with dark, edge of your seat moments as we are introduced to the two central characters, to Nick (Affleck) who narrates from the present day as his wife has gone missing, and from...

Gone Girl   10/04/14
by seanc
Nick's (Affleck) relationship with his sister and the detectives are not only well drawn and pertinent but also make for some of the more entertaining scenes in the film.

Gone Girl   10/03/14
by mrtylerdurden
I'm sorry that I have talked about Fincher for so long, but it just feels completely like a Fincher film.

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