Ratatouille   1/13/22
by mark f
Linguini has very little past and very little depth (except for what Remy gives him), so it's not surprising that he doesn't especially grow after he learns he's the offspring of Gusteau.

Ratatouille   10/14/19
by ahwell
If you want an animated movie to make you feel passion for life, there's no movie better than Ratatouille.

Ratatouille   8/18/19
by Citizen Rules
I'm glad that someone decided to break all the movie making molds by giving us a film where a tiny rat loves to cook...and talks to a disembodied deceased chef for confidence...And sets the story in the heart of Paris, in the high cuisine world of fine dining.

Ratatouille   8/19/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
Ratatouille is ambitious, because it's probably the first Pixar film that creates a world around fantastical characters, but really the fantasy collides with a naturalistic real life.

Ratatouille   7/19/16
by BraedenG33
This is also in my opinion the best looking of all the pixar films, the animation in this film just has a beautiful quality to it unlike any of the other films (not to say that the other pixar films are in any way poorly animated, there's just something special about this particular one).

Ratatouille   4/04/16
by DalekbusterScreen5
It's a very charming tale of 'don't judge a book by its cover' in that just because Remy is a rat and therefore considered vermin doesn't mean he isn't capable of being a chef and as with other Pixar films, it doesn't feel like the message is rammed down our throats as the audience to prove that it ...

Ratatouille   11/04/15
by Gideon58
Ratatouille is a clever and stylish animated adventure where rats are humans and humans are rats and friendship and family loyalty rule over all, an underlying theme in most Disney Pixar works, that won the Oscar for Outstanding Animated Film of 2007.

Ratatoullie   7/05/08
by John McClane
In short, you must see Ratatouille. If you've seen any other Pixar film, and enjoyed it, then watching this flick is the next logical step for cinema pleasure.

Ratatouille   11/18/07
by meatwadsprite
Don't let the recent lack of great animated films steer you away from the gripping and heartwarming tale of Ratatouille.

Ratatouille   7/17/07
by BobbyB
Considering that this movie came from Pixar, it was so earth shatteringly average that it made me want to cry.

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