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Ratatouille -

What can one expect from a Pixar film? I can answer that question with one word; excellence. Ratatouille is no exception to this rule and is definitely a return to their best work, such as the smashing hit Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

Ratatouille is about, you guessed it, the life of a rat named Remy. However, this rat is special because he has the extraordinary ability of superb cooking. We see him struggle to be accepted by his fellow rats, team up with a human to hold a cooking position, and eventually befriend this unlikely partner in food named Linguini.

First off, the voice acting is always top notch in Pixar films, and this comes partnered with a graphical superiority we undoubtedly expect. Both are staples of this company's talent, and this film doesn't let down on either. Secondly, the story is one their finest works and easily takes, at least, its place in the top 3 Pixar films; the film is easily accessible for anyone and everyone. Lastly, the film and its characters stick with you leaving an emotional connection for, at the shortest period, a week. A rare feat for many film makers, yet a breeze for Pixar.

In short, you must see Ratatouille. If you've seen any other Pixar film, and enjoyed it, then watching this flick is the next logical step for cinema pleasure. Fun for the whole family, or just yourself; this movie will not disappoint.