Amélie   11/19/18
by Citizen Rules
I loved the way this film built an alternative world where this charming young Parisian woman lives life like she wants to.

Amélie   10/07/18
by pahaK
To me he kind of defines the look of modern French movie (probably because he's the first modern French director who's films I enjoyed as a young man).

Amélie   4/01/13
by seanc
Amelie is an endearing feel good film that I will enjoy coming back to again.

Amélie   6/25/11
by TheUsualSuspect
Amelie is a foreign film from director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and it revolves around a young woman, Amelie, and the lives she changes.

Amélie   3/07/04
by Sedai
As with most Jeunet pieces, the production design is incredibly creative, with original ideas and images appearing at every turn. This has to be one of the most well-crafted feel good pieces I have ever seen, and I am usually not a fan of the genre.

Amélie   1/15/04
by Sedai
Another masterwork from Jeunet. That is what springs to my mind whenever I think about this film.

Amélie   11/11/01
by Holden Pike
...this one is most definitely worth the effort...that is if you crave a truly wonderful, romantic, weird, and very funny filmgoing experience. This movie is good for the Soul, man.

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