Interstellar   7/18/16
by BraedenG33
It's still a cinematic experience unlike any other, however there are definitely some flaws to the film and people have addressed them ad nauseum, as it's one of the most scrutinized films in recent memory, people either absolutely loving it or hating it.

Interstellar   8/09/15
by Iroquois
Any emotional expressions seem to exist solely to push the narrative forward (which is also ironic considering how the film's narrative seems to imply that the opposite is true) - while that's arguably true of many a film, here it feels exceptionally blatant that the characters and their feelings ar...

Interstellar   7/06/15
by Ikkegoemikke
I could repeat the superlatives I wrote down at the beginning because despite some developments that went beyond my understanding and an ending I wasn't impressed by, this is still a wonderful film that manages to blend both the scientific and the personal feelings of the protagonists perfectly...

Interstellar   6/26/15
by Carbs
I'm talking, this is the most ambitious thing I've seen in film -- nevermind a AAA Hollywood film at that -- and the execution is near flawless.

Interstellar   6/20/15
by Citizen Rules
The Nolan brothers take great care in grounding this film in reality....the corn fields of Kansas.

Interstellar   4/05/15
by neiba
Although it's a daring work in view of the current reality of Hollywood, this film does not break completely with all the premises of the American film industry as it should, in my opinion.

Interstellar   3/31/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
Soon they find themselves imprisoned in what turns out to be a secret Nasa base, run by some of Cooper's former Nasa colleges, (an unlikely coincidence which is easily forgiveable, considering how good the rest of the film is).

Interstellar   3/16/15
by Sedai
One only need briefly scan the reviews on the internet before they find someone claiming the film is the best science fiction film in the past decade, while the next review might slay the film completely as overlong, tedious, melodramatic and several other critical issues that completely ruined the ...

Interstellar   11/28/14
by Hugehugo912
Interstellar is a science-fiction film by Christopher Nolan set in a dystopia future where mankind has decimated the planet.

Interstellar   11/10/14
by ashdoc
So the leading actor of the film ( Cooper---played by Matthew McConaughey ) , whose talent of flying a space shuttle has been lying unused because of the lack of resources until now , is selected to command and fly a space mission through a wormhole across space and time .

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