Up   8/22/20
by Tramuzgan
You can't help but to get that sinking feeling, like you're witnessing the Pixar that made Toy Story transition into the Pixar that made Toy Story 4.

Up   8/30/19
by Citizen Rules
Directors: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson (co-director) Voice Actors: Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy Studio: Pixar

Up   1/29/19
by ahwell
The climactic moment is one of the best in any Pixar movie, and for me that's the most heartbreaking moment in the film, not the opening.

Up   11/02/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
No messing, that opening 10 minutes is some of the most beautiful heartbreaking stuff ever made, as we see Carl and Ellie's marriage and life together put together in one stunning montage, so good that if you arent in tears already by this point, this humanity thing isnt for you.

Up   8/15/16
by mark f
I just think that you should allow movies to work their magic on you no matter what they seem to represent, and perhaps more importantly, no matter how you feel about what constitutes a "real" movie and a "fake" movie.

Up   9/01/15
by Gideon58
We see Carl's entire relationship with his late wife, Ellie laid out so that we immediately understand why Carl's journey to Paradise is so important to him and the way Ellie is kept a viable character throughout the story as Carl's through line is amazingly effective.

Up   4/07/15
by Iroquois
Up is still one of the best Pixar movies in existence, never mind its rather implausible premise that is still prone to the occasional moment where the suspension of disbelief gives way (not even Pixar is immune to this).

Up   1/29/15
by gbgoodies
I love Pixar movies, but this one is one of my least favorite Pixar movies, so I wanted to give it another chance to see what many of you see in this movie.

Up   8/24/11
by TylerDurden99
And most of Pixar's films are also sharp at the emotions, and no other Pixar feature was as sharp at the emotions as this.

Up   12/21/10
by MovieMad16
I get that with most of Pixar's films but Wall E , Up & Toy Story 3 are the type of films that let all your emotions out in characters that you fall in love with.

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